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hey !

unfortunately, i'm no longer active on this site. i definitely enjoyed the countless rp's i've participated in but i simply don't have the time for them anymore! i'm focusing on writing my own stories and fics on other websites, such as wattpad and archive of our own. i mostly write for marvel and star wars, occasionally other random things i get sudden inspiration for. if you're interested, the links to my pages are below. :)


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Alright listen up pals! This girl here is Fantastic with a capital 'F'- that's right, a capital 'F'. Detailed, longer responses, a good grasp on what's going on in the roleplay, and fast response times are just a few of the awesome things about her, not to mention the great positive attitude she has OOC! 10/10!!! - noodle
We haven't rped that much,but this girl here can rp,my goodness she sends three paragraphs and she is very detailed,i feel kinda bad that i only send 1 paragraph but we're having fun. Anyway i suggest you guys rp with her you haven't already. - JetStorm

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