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Hello, I'm Zapsalis!
I love to RP and have been RPing for quite a few years. :D

RPs I would totally do:
Anything horse-related. I watch Heartland (but I haven't watched season 12, DON'T SPOIL!) so I can do a Heartland RP.
Dinosaurs! I can do real dinos or Jurassic Park version dinos.
Marvel RPs! I'm most familiar with the MCU since I have only watched a few of the other marvel movies that aren't in the MCU.
Animal RPs. I'm more familiar playing as an animal than as a human. I'm fine with any animal, although I may be more comfortable playing certain animals than others. Just ask me!
Superhero RPs. As long as it's not related to DC, I'm in!
MxF RPs. I'm more comfortable with MxF than any other pairing so please don't ask for FxF or MxM. I can do MxF in any of the above RPs I listed.

RPs I DON'T do:
DC-Superhero RPs. I'm on the Marvel side!!!
Shows that I've never watched/not too familiar with.
RPs full of magic.
MxM/FxF RPs. I'm more comfortable with MxF!
Rated R RPs. I don't like too much gore or sex and stuff, sex will fade to black.

I know nobody likes rules but just a few things to keep in mind if you are going to start an RP with me. :)
1. Please don't say you want to RP with me and then suddenly stop answering. If you're going to be away for a while, please tell me. I understand that everybody has their own lives! And if you don't want to RP with me anymore, that's fine by me! You can tell me and I won't get hurt or anything, I promise. :D
2. Don't ask me to do something that I listed above in "RP's I don't do" because I'm going to saw "no" anyway, so please don't.

I'm most comfortable RPing through PMs but I'm fine with forums if you really want to.

Rave Reviews

We haven't rped that much,but this girl here can rp,my goodness she sends three paragraphs and she is very detailed,i feel kinda bad that i only send 1 paragraph but we're having fun. Anyway i suggest you guys rp with her you haven't already. - JetStorm
Alright listen up pals! This girl here is Fantastic with a capital 'F'- that's right, a capital 'F'. Detailed, longer responses, a good grasp on what's going on in the roleplay, and fast response times are just a few of the awesome things about her, not to mention the great positive attitude she has OOC! 10/10!!! - noodle

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