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Hiya! Yes, you. I'm Zenaida, but you may call me Zen if you'd like. I've not been roleplaying long - maybe a year, at most - but I've always loved writing. Since I don't have the patience to write uber-long novels and things, I've turned to RP to scratch my itch to create characters, worlds, and elaborate storylines. For much of my obviously very illustrious and long RP career, I stuck to a more obscure browser game, but eventually, I switched over here. So far I've only met lovely people, so, hopefully, I'll be here to stay.

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As I haven't been doing this for as long as some, my preferences and style are still in the works. For now, however, this should work!

I always write in third person, past tense, with maybe 3-6 mid-size paragraphs. I will always prefer quality over quantity, but, unless you can write a beautiful, descriptive, plot-driving two sentences, I'd rather something a little longer. Hopefully that isn't too much to ask. Heads-up: sometimes, I tend towards purple prose. Beware. I love commas.

Genre-wise, I have, as do many, a love for high fantasy and magic, with combat and adventure and mages. I would also like to try writing some sci-fi or maybe slice-of-life, but my preference is generally some good, old-fashioned fantastical fun.

My characters, though few, are very dear to me. I adore showing them off. Compliment them, and I shall virtually kiss you. They are all kind of similar now, and lacking in diversity. I hope that once I finish filling out my pantheon of ten, I'll have a more varied cast. Some of them have playstyles charts, so, if you are interested in one of them and want to start a roleplay - which I would love - just take a peek at those and then feel free to message me. As of now, they're all suited to a more fantasy setting. No sci-fi OCs yet!

RP Status
Low motivation. Ew.

I totally understand if real life gets in the way of replying, or if you just aren't feeling motivated. I would appreciate a little message telling me as such, but I'm not going to be angry or anything if you don't. I just would prefer not to be left hanging :) And, if you aren't enjoying the RP, tell me! I will totally understand, and we can part ways with mutual respect.

Things to Know
- DO try your best. I understand if certain parts of writing aren't your strong suits, or if English isn't your first language. Effort is all that I care about, so I appreciate if you take the time to write good posts.
- DO worldbuild with me. It's one of my favourite parts of the writing process!
- DO plan the plot with me as we write. I think a little OOC chatter is important for maintaining good communication and understanding of the coming events while writing.
- DO tell me if you are having any issues with my writing or the way our characters are meshing. I'm happy to work it out.
- DO tell me if any of the subject matter is making you uncomfortable. If you have any, tell me about your severe triggers, or what you are uncomfortable with. I don't want to hurt or distress anyone.
- DO realize that IC is not OOC. My characters might be a bit jerky at times, but that says nothing about how I feel about my writing partner.

-DON'T Control my character. Run it by me first, I'm pretty much up for most things. Also, don't make your character extremely overpowered - that's not fun for anyone!
-DON'T write smut or explicit content in our RP's. I am not comfortable with that at all.
-DON'T push me to overshare. If it's not written on here, chances are I don't want to say it.
-DON'T be rude. I mean, I shouldn't have to say that, right?
-DON'T send me friend requests if we haven't spoken before. If you're interested in friending, send me a message! I'm always happy to chat and get to know other writers. After that, I would gladly accept and reciprocate.
-DON'T skim my posts. I appreciate those who read my RP posts fully and thoroughly so they could write an appropriate response.

☽⋅─────••─────⋅☾ ☽⋅─────••─────⋅☾

A little about me! I live in a frozen land where the rivers run with maple syrup and we ride moose to work. I love cats, dogs, and *most* things with fur (aye-ayes make me shudder), as well as birds and some snakes. As you can probably guess, I love writing, but reading is another one of my loves. I adore Leigh Bardugo and Rick Riordan's work - I read the second book in the Six of Crows duology and it made me feel so happy and warm and satisfied. I also enjoy partaking in ThE cUlInArY aRtS, which entails, for me, farting around the kitchen and making as many dirty dishes as I physically can. I recently made this absolutely bomb chocolate layer cake, and it was so pretty - anyways. When I'm not consuming sugar or writing, I enjoy the outdoors - hiking, running, and sprint paddling are my favourites.

Anyways, I think that should be good for now.

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