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I'm Zenaida the keyboard gremlin. No idea why I call myself that, but there you go. However, that is a little bit long; thus, you are welcome to call me Zen if you so desire. I like writing, hence my lurking around here. Read a below to learn a little bit more about me!

Hello hello! You have come to learn a little about me, yes? Sounds mighty fine. Some of my hobbies include sports like paddling (the speedy kind) and running, as well as sitting on the couch, reading, and ThE cUlInArY aRtS (so I like wandering around a kitchen making as many dishes as humanly possible). I love talking about cats and dogs, as well as other random things, on the regular. My favourite font is Times New Roman. Now, in real life, I tend to be a pretty reserved person. However, when hidden behind a screen, I like releasing my chaotic side.

An accurate description of my sport: what I like to do five times a week.

Okay, so, we've unpacked that. Now, what about the real reason you're here? You probably couldn't care less about my favourite font.



I always write in third person, past tense, averaging maybe 3-6 mid-length paragraphs, depending on how I'm feeling and the lengths of previous posts.

In partners, I am looking for people who can match that, and who are willing to collaborate on the fancy-schmancy Google Docs I like to make for my worlds. No stones are left unturned: I like making religions, cuisine, economies, currencies, myths, legends, and maps. It establishes a base so we're all on the same page when we start writing.

Also, if any of my characters interest you, message me (with a plot and character in mind, please!) and we can discuss. I don't like having tons of RPs going at the same time, so I may decline, but we'll see. Don't be afraid to message me, I don't mind!

- Fantasy Gimme all the magic.
- Battles and dramatic fight scenes Drama, my love.
- Sci-fi If you're interested in writing a small group space opera, hit me up.
- Slow-burn romance I prefer MxF and FxF, and would be willing to try MxM.
- Worldbuilding No need to say anything here.
- Paragraphs and detail If you do it, so will I! Keeps things interesting.
- PM's to chat I love meeting new people!
- Interest in my characters It makes me feel special <3
- Certain fandoms I like the Riordan universe, the Grishaverse, and others.

- One liners The motivation is just not there when you don't give me anything to work with.
Friend requests from strangers I'd rather we chat a bit first to get to know each other. Afterwards, I'd be more than happy to accept and reciprocate.
Smut and other NSFW stuff Please no. *sprays holy water*
'Going in blind' I don't like roleplaying without having discussed things first, so I know what to write and expect.
Certain fandoms I don't watch anime and am not super interested in furry stuff, so I won't be able to offer much if you want to RP those fandoms.

Haha, you got bamboozled. I'll add something here later.

Inquiring minds want to know why we too should befriend Zenaida!

Did you remember to explain why your friend is awesome?

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