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Alright, so my name's Zoe, Ana is the beginning of my middle name. I do love to RP, any style is fine with me. I don't get uncomfortable easily unless there's too much blood and guts.

I'm actually a bit of a chatterbox when I'm on chocolate, my go to snack. Unfortunately, this snack also causes me to have a bit of a dirty mind, have been warned.

Ugh, it's late now. I'll get back to this in the morning.

Rave Reviews

Now that we have started an RP, I can conclusively say, Zoe is a great writer! I like her style a lot, it's easy to build a story with her. If she's eating chocolate, though, watch out! Lol Kidding, kidding!'ll start philosophizing about what needs to change in society for's great. *drops off forklift full of chocolate* - Abigail_Austin
My girl. You are just. *I give kisses like a French stylist.* muah muah! This woman, is an absolute adorable and sweet person. She is kind and always let's you speak your mind. Even though she herself has problems, then again don't we all, they aren't problems that I want her to fix. You are perfect and amazing, Zo! Don't let anyone tell you any different. - NeonGreenHair17

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