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Creator and owner of the Inkitki.

I'm garbage at personal profiles, so you'll just have to like, idk, talk to me.

Discord: Zorkia

Rave Reviews

Ah! Another beautiful woman who I was worried would be the entire opposite of how she is! Boy, was I wrong!!! Another talented artist who is the sweetest lady I could ever hope to meet. She makes me laugh and already I feel a friendship blooming. I have never met someone so humble and it is honestly endearing. I look forward to hopefully rping with you very soon and definitely admiring your gorgeous art more. What a wonderful woman. - Luxe
Makali (played by Zorkia)
At a glance, Kali is headstrong and sure of herself. A tall, commanding presence in any room, she carries herself with grace and confidence. Behind that veil, though, is a person who cares deeply, passionately about her tribe and her loved ones. Always offering encouragement, she looks out for others and does her best to make her community better for everyone -- even titan jerks who deserve a good dressing down. She's wonderful to write with! Wonderful writer Fast responses - Auberon

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