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Hey, I'm Apollo. I hope you're doing well.


I haven't got much to say, honestly. I only do MxM.
Smut is usually involved for RP's, but I much prefer plot. I don't bite ((too hard)), so go ahead and shoot me a DM if you want rp or you just want to chat.

I promise I'm nice, if a little sarcastic sometimes.

The genres I can do:
-Anything Pirate related cause hell yeah
-Greek//Roman Mythology

If you're ever interested in a roleplay, just dm me your idea, and if you found one (or more) of my characters that you thought would go well, tell me that too!! Most of my characters are anonymous ((five of them)), so if you'd like to see them, feel free to ask!!
I mainly write paragraphs, usually 1//2-6 I have gone up to eleven and twelve for some, but that takes a bit of time and I know a lot of people don't want to//can't match that.

Writing Style Example

What is Death like?
Is it a person? Does it have… a form?
Or is it simply a void? A mist?
Can Death speak?
Can Death sing?
Does Death murmur lullabies to you as you fall into its grasp? Is Death… cold? Or is it warm? Like the embrace of a loved one after a long hard life?
And what does Death do with children?
Does it show them love and care, telling them they'll find a better life somewhere new?

I am Death.
And, for once, I will answer these questions. But remember them. Because I will never say them again.
I have a form. It isn't describable. I am whatever is most comforting to the ones who died. Never a loved one, oh no. No. I am merely a comfort.
I can speak, and I can sing. The lullabies I murmur are soft as silk and as intricate as the process of birth. Each word carries a lifetime of stories. I am cool to the touch, but warm in speech. The children that I lift up and carry are taken care of. Held closely as they are taken to heaven. No child has ever gone to Hell. Sadly, I cannot say the same about the Adults. The children know they're going to a better place.
One without hurt.
Or suffering.

I'm always looking for new people and new ideas, so hit me up if you want to talk.

Sincerely, Apollo

everyone speaks, people are bound to say what others said
it's just up to them whether or not they mean it

Rave Reviews

This beautiful person deserves all the kudos she can get because she is absolutely amazing and a great person to roleplay with. When we started the roleplay that we're currently doing she automatically made it interesting and I'm super impressed by her writing style and her character so I highly recommend roleplaying with her - LarryBandzIV
Very sweet person and fun partner to write with. Kind and understanding Fast responses - Wynnly

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