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Hey, I'm Apollo

I've been roleplaying (inside and outside RPR) for about 5-6 years, so I've basically seen it all. Each of my characters tends to have a bit of me in them to make them easier for me to play. I have a few characters devoted to specific RP partners, so those will remain anonymous, however, every public character is up for use, so feel free to peruse them and choose one that meets your fancy. I've got all sorts of characters, from fashion designers to cryptids and some playful werewolves and jealous vampires in between.

I only rp MxM due to personal preferences, however if you come to me with an NB character or a Demiboy or an Androgynous character with masculine tendencies, I'll probably make room for them, guaranteed that they pique my interest.

Moving On.
I try to para/post match. If you give me things to work with, I'll reciprocate and we can keep up a (mostly) steady post length. As long as you provide me with at least three decent sized paragraphs, we're all good. My posts tend to either come rapid fire or super slow with up to a week between responses. If you're waiting days at a time for a response, it isn't because I've lost interest, it's because I have a backlog of around 12 other roleplays, a heavy work schedule, and a busy life outside of RPR. Please know that responses might be slow before asking to roleplay with me.

I know I sound grumpy a lot. I'm not. If you're worried that I might be angry, just come talk to me. I'm pretty open about my feelings once someone asks, and I do enjoy finding new friends with common interests.

Onto Preferences:
Personally, I'm a big fan of:
-Characters with an interest in History, Art, or Weaponry
-Getting Character Art! I know it's better to pay for a commission, but my favorite birthday gift is some cute art of our OC's together
-Angst, Drama, and Big Events. I love making our characters go through ridiculous things, from planning assassinations to accidentally eating some moldy cheese they thought was still good. I don't care what it is, as long as it makes it enjoyable
-Modern Fantasy
-Creepy Stuff! Bring your scary OC's to me, yes, the ones with six eyes, a mouth on the back of their neck, and random arms everywhere. Or just ones with really messed up minds that enjoy violence. Those are fun too
-Brainstorming & Plotting. Talking OOC is one of my favorite things to do, even if most of what we plot never actually happens.

Things I'd rather avoid:
-Excessive sex. Yes, I enjoy writing smut, yes we can write smut, but I don't want it to be constant. Give me something to work with, I need plot, I need drama, I need an actual story.
-Stereotypes. Like, alright, if you have a guy with a bunch of cats, he can fit the crazy cat lady stereotype, but I mean no stereotypes based on Race, Sexuality, Gender, etc. And that goes for Yaoi stereotypes too. Be creative, I don't like making my characters conform to a specific relationship dynamic.
-Godmodding. Do not control my character. I won't be upset if you slip up and push my character into a situation that I wasn't intending to bring up, but if you start to force specific actions and crap from them, I'll be retiring our RP.

OOC Stuff
I'm always open to hearing new ideas about RP's and characters, and I like to learn from constructive criticism. And I'm even open to making friends.
With that said, I am fully committed to someone outside of RPR, and will not stand for any flirting OOC or any inappropriate comments towards me personally. Much of my time is devoted to this person, which means responses could be slowed down quite often. If this is bothersome to you, I will not be adjusting my schedule to fit your needs, since they are my number one priority, followed by my very consuming work schedule. Thank you for your understanding.

With all that nonsense, if you're still up for an RP, my DM's are always open. Good Luck in your travels,




Rave Reviews

I'm not just saying this, but she is the best person I've met on this website and I look forward to every reply from her. Sadly, I could only pick two things below. Ontop of being kind and understanding and a wonderful writer, she drives the plot forward, had fast responses, and has been a long-term, amazing rp partner. If you're looking for someone who will make you invested in the rp, try something out with her. I actually find myself planning ahead and constantly having ideas for our rp. ~<3 Kind and understanding Wonderful writer - Xx_Ashy_Bear_xX
This writer right here...what can I say? They're easy to talk to, fun to bounce ideas off and patient as well. They are also very welcoming and each time I get a response from them, I get excited! 100% recommend giving them a look at as a rp partner. Creative ideas Wonderful writer - DancingShadow

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