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joined june 2nd 2017, 4:51pm.
original name: XxCandy-ChanXx

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hEy- my boyfriend is the best person on Earth and although you don't know him, you better love him. Love you bubs <3


❁Name: Penny, and although some people may think that's my real name since that's all people call me irl, it's actually Penelope. Please don't call me that I hate it.

❁Age: I'm not very comfortable sharing that, only my close friends know how old I am. :')

❁Hobbies: I love art and writing! And singing, sometimes, but that's a bit of a more confidential thing I do. . . if you really wanna hear

❁I'm bisexual which means my bi father is Jessie Paege :o

❁My favorite color is pastel blue at the moment.

❁I have been roleplaying for about 3-4 years now! I may not be the best but I sure love it, it allows me to experience places and characters you may never see in your life.

❁I have many online friends who are now my siblings due to how close they are to me

❁I'm actually ambidextrous, but I prefer my right more than my left.

❁My favorite show at the moment would have to be End Of The ****ing World on Netflix.

❁I am highly scared of being alone, abandoned, or left behind. It is one of my biggest phobias and I often have mental breakdowns because I'm alone or I fear someone will leave me.

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Okie :D Candy is one of the coolest cucumbers on the RPR. She's nice, funny, and relatable. Her characters are amazing too! Not to mention her RP's.


-Izzaaayyy - -Meatavore-
Candy is very fast at responding to PMs and is very enjoyable when RPing with. I love the descriptions and actions of her character, yet I also like her as a person too. I haven't gotten to know her a lot yet, but I can't wait to talk and RP more with her. I highly recommend RPing with her over PM or a forum!! ^^ - Duckling_

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