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joined june 2nd 2017, 4:51pm.
original name: XxCandy-ChanXx
I'm breaking down. Someone help me before I fall apart.

R P - S T A T U S
i am currently starting to do rps again!
current rps: 1
slots: 2


I promise
you are enough


❁Name: My real name is Penelope, but I chose to be called Penny when I was small and it's stuck ever since, and that's all people ever call me. Unless I am a male, then I am called Eden. Not Ashir, I changed it. So now I need another token T^T

❁Age: Shhh

❁Hobbies: Drawing, photography, listening to music, bike rides, crafts, writing, wasting my money on my boyfriend XD

❁i'm bisexual!! Happy pride!! <3

❁my favorite color is pastel blue

❁i want to learn ukulele because it's so pretty

❁old movies are my thing

❁i'm left handed woo

❁my favorite tv show atm is Euphoria

❁i have tons of phobias ask me o^o

❁at the moment, life is actually proving to me it has really big ups and downs.

❁i have a chihuahua named Ally and she is my therapy dog (Not licensed or anything, she just really helps with my anxiety and when I have breakdowns)

❁my favorite food atm is salsa and chips

❁i'm pale as a ghost because no matter how much i go outside i don't get a tan, always been that way

❁hair color is dark brown- got bangs now like literally every girl in quarantine

❁my eyes are hazel but some days they're a dark green according to my bf

❁i'm 5'4 and currently 108 lbs fight me

❁social anxiety is the man on my left shoulder (dm me if you know that reference owo)


❁i'm agnostic that means i dunno if there's a god or not and if so i'm not against it

❁my music genre is all over the place

❁if i had to describe my aesthetic in emojis it'd be 💖🎠🎨🐰🍭💜😈🎧

❁my mental health is shit and i'll tell you why, but i won't discuss it unless i feel comfortable:
-i have ptsd bc of a traumatic experience with my ex
-i suffer with depression and anxiety
-have extreme social anxiety but i'm opening up
-i deal with an eating disorder
-have trust issues bc i've dealt with fake friends all my life

k enough of that

❁Tv: euphoria, rupaul's drag race, americas got talent, the masked singer, star vs the forces of evil, i don't really watch cable anymore

❁Anime: miraii nikki (future diary), your lie in april, madoka magica, toradora!, gakkou gurrashi, magikano, anohana (the flower we saw that day), no game no life, i need to watch more lmao

❁Manga: atm the only manga i've read is maximum ride by james patterson- love that series

❁movies: the fault in our stars, paper town, if i stay, my girl 1&2, room, homeward bound, the divergent series, maximum ride (the movie), anastasia, the little mermaid, the parent trap, freaky friday (the old old one), josie and the pussycats, the secret world of arrietty, harriet the spy, ponyo

❁games: i've only watched my bf play this but nier: automata will always be my favorite game

❁books: the fault in our stars, paper towns, maximum ride series (novels), asylum novellas series, percy jackson series, if i stay, divergent series, uglies series, howl's moving castle

❁youtubers: unnus annus, markiplier, shane dawson, anthpo, kilee iris, brandon rogers, james marriott, quackity, callmecarson, jessie paege, drama kween, akidearest, kubz scouts, nailea devora

❁artists/bands: p!atd, twenty one pilots, melanie martinez, ashnikko, marina and the diamonds, selena gomez, kenzie, tate mcrae, imagine dragons, sabrina carpenter, billie eilish, cavetown, girl in red, avril lavigne, jessie paege, alex carroll, alec benjamin, anna blue, saywecanfly, skillet, quadeca, yungblud, au/ra, bmike, ghostown, set it off, I HAVE A LOT LMAO

❁i'm a soft girl/emo/quirky son of a b

rp info

❁no one liners sorry

❁no nsfw unless you have my consent, which is never lmao

❁please be good about your grammar

❁don't. control. my. characters. ty

❁i might be slow in replies so please be patient with me

❁swear all you want literally all my characters swear lmao

❁discuss it with me before hand

❁feel free to ask me or tell me anything

contact me

ig: lemondrxps.x
da: Lemondrxpsx

Rave Reviews

This person right here is a great sweetheart and I have not regretted meeting them! OOC they are understanding and kind, and although our RP was set aside, I still think they are golden writers! Ashir-Penny is definitely worth to talk to and has incredible and dynamic characters! <3 Kind and understanding Wonderful writer - Animatonica
Where. Do. I. Even. Start? Penny is an absolutely remarkable human being, and even though I've only actually talked to her for a few days, I can already tell that this friendship is gonna be something just wonderful. <3 - staticnightmares

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