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  • Gender: Female
  • Age: 17
  • Birthday: March 31

Hello! My name is Kat. I guess I shall disclose some information about myself, eh?

(I am always in need of a nice cuddle session, including the consumption of milk soaked Oreos while we blast heavy metal music.)

-Love metal, rock, rap, etc. I absolutely hate country music, sorry. *sad yeehaw sounds*

-In my free time I enjoy singing, writing, hanging with friends, chilling with my horses or dogs, and playing my ukuele!

-I have a gothic/grunge style, but it isn't too overboard. I love to wear fishnets and shorts. Btw, thicc thighs save lives. (;;;

-I do happen to have a strong love for memes of all sorts.

-I support LGBTQ+. I am bisexual. Although I do have more experience with guys, I still lean both ways.

-I heccing love to RP about supernatural stuff (vampires, werewolves, etc), creepypasta, yandere, anything dark and messed up, horror, romance, and I am okay with smut. I also have soft moods, so I do like adorable cliche romances! I am into some pretty kinky dinky things. Huehuehue. Sorry that was horribly cringe-worthy. :")

I can write pretty lengthy replies depending on the other person's reply. I try to match up, and the more details and information you give me, the more I can write in return! I'm not a professional or anything, but I try my best to write well. :3

I do happen to low-key freak out when someone doesn't reply to me for an extended period of time. I start thinking, "oh, maybe my reply sucked!" Or, "Oh heck I scared them off. I am annoying!" So, please do try your best to tell me what is up, so that I don't let my thoughts wander to bad places. Sorry <~<

Don't be afraid to send me a message! I am always looking for friends and people to RP with! <3

Gimme headpats and fOOD °^°

WARNING : if you steal my damned Oreos, I will not hesitate to bite!

Rave Reviews

  • I barely started a roleplay with this user, but I can assure myself that I will enjoy it a lot! Her character is interesting and she puts lots of detail behind her replies!
    -- MangoNekros

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