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  • Gender: Male


**NOTICE**: I am not accepting roleplay offers until a long time!
My life is packed to the fullest at the moment, and I can't find any room to respond to roleplays. I will be on and around the site, however, whether it be to update some character profiles or engage in small talk. I'm down for chatting, but do know that my replies will be heavily sporadic. Promise I'm not ignoring anyone, nor would I ever want to!


Currently: I’M ENGAGED OMG !!!!!

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N o e

Hiya! I’m Noe! Thanks for stopping by on my quirky little page! Not much to say about myself, other than I’m totally in love with this guy right there, and that I really like to draw! I have a couple of pets that I cherish to death and enjoy skateboarding and hugs! That being said, learn more about me below, if ya want!


  • Name: Noe
    Pronounced as if you are saying the word "no," followed by the letter "e." It gets mispronounced a lot, but I think it’s really funny when people just call me no!!
  • Age: I'm eighteen whoo
  • Hobbies: Playing the piano and guitar, writing, drawing, skateboarding
  • I am pansexual
  • My favorite color is currently lavender!
  • I've been playing the piano for seven years now, and I'm self taught (I actually don't know how to read or write notes, it's all based on memorization and random patterns that work for me).
  • I love blowing bubbles
  • I'm ambidextrous, but I prefer using my left
  • My favorite TV show is Steven Universe
  • I am highly claustrophobic, to the point where I'll faint if I enter an elevator, and I'll hyperventilate if I go in for a hug

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Roleplay Info~!
  • I will always say yes to any roleplay offer, with or without a plot! Unless if I have a status change or writer's block, which would always be present at the top of my profile page to notify you, I will always accept!
  • Fair warning when roleplaying with me: I tend to get easily bored from roleplays. If that is the problem, I'll do my best to reply often, though I'd probably tell you when I feel like no longer continuing the roleplay. If I don't respond at all, it means I've got lots of personal issues going on, so please be patient with me.
  • I am very jumpy with roleplays. Another flaw about me. When I first join a roleplay I think I'll like, my responses are rather quick and to the point. Though as I previously stated, I tend to get bored a lot, and find myself jumping to a whole different roleplay, forgetting about the last. Obviously it's an annoying habit I have, though if you notice I haven't been responding in a while, just give me a little nudge, I'll be sure to apologize and respond as soon as I can!
  • My replies with roleplays tend to be very long at the beginning, with at least three to four paragraphs. My grammar is rather okay, with only about one or two typos here and there. I try my best to re-read my responses, though sometimes I get too excited with responding, that I skip over some typos. If you're very keen on perfect grammar, simply inform me, and I'll be sure to read over my responses more precisely.
  • After noticing how my roleplay partner responds, I tend to try and match their length to even things up. That is, unless if it is a one-liner. In that case, I simply respond with a small paragraph.
  • As like many others, my only rule when roleplaying with me is to not control my own characters. If you do anything of the sort, I'll most likely go along with it since I tend to go with the flow, though I'll probably take longer with responses, seeing as I'm not enjoying it with you telling my character what to do.
  • I'm perfectly fine with any kind of sexual roleplays, though I'd ask that you let the roleplay develop first, before simply diving right in. It helps with getting the characters to interact and better know each other, which tends to help me as well.
  • Cursing and foul language is perfectly okay with me. I tend to ask people beforehand if they're alright with swearing, since I tend to use it a lot with my characters. Though if you prefer not to have any bad words, just tell me before we begin or if you catch me using any swear words, and I'd happily oblige.
  • Though I tend to do many general roleplays, I can well adjust to any other kind of roleplay. Fantasy, sci-fi, horror, romance, comedy, adventure, suspense, medieval, you name it, I can do it!
  • All of my characters are male, so obviously it's gonna be a MxSomething. I don't mind either, really. MxF, MxM, MxAnything else.
  • I don't have an age group when roleplaying with anyone. You could give me one-liners, or you could give me six paragraphs. I'll work fine with any length, and respond accordingly to the length I am given.
  • It's also always fun for me to simply chat and get to know the person I'm roleplaying with! It makes me more comfortable with replies if I consider you a friend, so don't hesitate to shoot me a message for an OOC discussion about random things! Who knows, maybe we have something in common!

Important people in my life!
Soulmate <3
E d g y
Bestestest Sister
The Moth
Talking buddy
Chill donut girl


Rave Reviews


    Noe is one of the best roleplayers I've ever come across. The detail in his replies are OUTSTANDING and I've never come across another person that can describe as well as him. My baby Josh has come so far because of him, and he's also one...
    -- Duckling_
  • This boy, I can't even begin.
    Noeii has been my best friend, brother, and amazing person ever since that one group rp we had together. His rps are amazing and detailed, and leaves you spending the whole night staying up waiting for the next response. You'll never get...
    -- _Ashir-Penny_

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