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Ahoy there, person or persons reading this. I go by the alias 'Aeun' as most of you may have noticed, it is the middle name to one of my characters. Been role-playing since 2002. Encouraging creativity and progressive plots I am open to 99.9% of the ideas that can be suggested to keep what is a good story, good. Not one partial to short-term Roleplays, I tend to go for long-term Roleplays as they usually have more content and plenty more flexibility for story add-ons and the sort.

This is a forewarning. Some of my characters may have extensive information in their profile.

Active RPs

Hissori Tenkuu - 1
Lucio Youth - 1
Dirk Foxwell - 1
Ivaylo et Orsova - 2
Jake Whittaker - 1

Rave Reviews

Aeun always gives nice long posts with good grammar and vocabulary that I have to google every once in a while. The long posts make propelling the rp forward quite a bit easier. He, also, plays his characters in very realistic ways, and I simply can't wait to find a message from him in my inbox. - ilovedogs260
I can honestly say that Aeun is one of the best Role Players I have ever Roleplayed with. He is very detailed with his character and the setting and always keeps you on the edge of your seat. Anybody would be lucky to have the privilege to Roleplay with him :) - MarieSapphire

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  • Dndmama gave aeun kudos:
    I really can't say enough good things about this writer. Aeun has been a delight to write with and plot with and talk with, but more than anything I've loved watching as their skill as a writer has gone from someone I really enjoy writing with to someone I can't wait to get a post from. Fantastic characters and amazingly descriptive writing and just a delight all around. 10/10, would absolutely recommend. Drives the plot forward Long posts
    (About 2 weeks 2 days ago)
  • aeun gave Nancy Holcombe (played anonymously) kudos:
    To ye who reads these, I have to say that Nancy has been an absolute delight to RP with. In the span of nearly 100 posts as of writing this she has already climbed into the ranks of my top 3 bestest partners with a story I can't get enough of. Wonderful writer Long-term partner
    (About 2 weeks 5 days ago)
  • aeun befriended razzamatter.(About 2 months 6 days ago)