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Ahoy there, person or persons reading this. I go by the alias 'Aeun' as most of you may have noticed, it is the middle name to one of my characters. Been role-playing since 2002. Encouraging creativity and progressive plots I am open to 99.9% of the ideas that can be suggested to keep what is a good story, good. Not one partial to short-term Roleplays, I tend to go for long-term Roleplays as they usually have more content and plenty more flexibility for story add-ons and the sort.

This is a forewarning. Some of my characters may have extensive information in their profile.

Active RPs

Hissori Tenkuu - 1
Lucio Youth - 1
Dirk Foxwell - 1
Ivaylo et Orsova - 2
Jake Whittaker - 1

Rave Reviews

Kai Aeun Shimatori (played by aeun)
Amazing at character design, excellent writing skills. 10/10 would RP with again. - brndnpcktt
While our story hasn't been in the works for very long, I'm in love with how Aeun writes! There is a high level of detail and though put into the posts, and he will carry his share of forward progress which is refreshing! I am ever looking forward to the next post I get in our story! Drives the plot forward Long posts - Anonymous

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