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Ahoy there, person or persons reading this. I go by the alias 'Aeun' as most of you may have noticed, it is the middle name to one of my characters. Been role-playing since 2002. Encouraging creativity and progressive plots I am open to 99.9% of the ideas that can be suggested to keep what is a good story, good. Not one partial to short-term Roleplays, I tend to go for long-term Roleplays as they usually have more content and plenty more flexibility for story add-ons and the sort.

This is a forewarning. Some of my characters may have extensive information in their profile.

Rave Reviews

Recently got into an rp with Denis and have to say they write wonderfully! A great character who can paint a picture with their words! Kind and understanding Creative ideas - Anonymous
Aeun writes very well, giving lots of description and really helps one imagine the scene, and the behavior of the character. While the rp hasn't been super long yet, I'm looking forward to the continued writing and what will happen next! Creative ideas Wonderful writer - Anonymous

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