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I may not be very active since I'm attending University (BA in English, currently doing my MA in English) <3

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I adore this girl with my entire heart <3 It started off as a friendrequest on gosupermodel, and later turned into a facebook friendrequest, before it turned into a real life friendship, and can honestly say that she is one of best friends <3 She is a dedicated roleplayer, who makes detailed characters that extraordinary. I love roleplaying with her, and I love even more being her friend <3 - snifx
So this girl here is one kind soul <33 honestly looking back a few months ago i didn't know i would become so great friends with this talented and gifted girl, and honestly it is easily to see how much creativity she has, just look at her profiles like gosh! she really is a hard working girl and an a great roleplayer, she is literally the Elena to my Ashton <33 - Heartbeat_

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