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✨ I'm a 20-year-old writer with about seven years of experience with roleplaying, and God-knows how many years of writing experience. I prefer to write multi-para to novella, but will always go with a nice chunky paragraph, given that there are enough detail and description for me to go from. I can't wait to get started on this site and make some new adventures on the way! ✨
if you wanna talk off the site, whether it's to be friends or talk ooc about the roleplay, hmu on discord! davinkywinky#3317 (only the realest know)

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Even though I have not been working with anchorsaway very long, I can tell she is a brilliant writer and have many wonderful ideas. Her characters are very thought out and well played. Honestly she has all of the listed qualities so I wish I could choose them all. Writing with her is exciting and I am always looking forward to seeing her next response! Overall working with her is wonderful and I definitely recommend RPing with her. Great sense of humor Fast responses - EvanlynDestiny

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