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I'm just a person looking for rp. I have a ton of ocs and I'm also a minor. I also play Genshin Impact and watch lots of anime. Currently watching Jujutsu Kaisen.

I can rp as characters from fandoms. Here are the ones I am experienced rping as:

- Wadanohara
- Yosafire
- Rawberry Preserves
- Etihw
- Olive
- Cosmea
- Rocma
- Rieta
- Mitsuki
- Tatsumiya
- Fukami

Kagerou Project:
- Ayano Tateyama
- Marry Kozakura
- Kano Shuuya
- Konoha
- Hiyori Asahina

Genshin Impact:
- Lumine/Female Traveler
- Paimon
- Amber
- Aether/Male Traveler
- Albedo

Here are some rps I'd LOVE doing:
- Danganronpa
- Soulmates
- Medieval
- Fantasy

I won't do smut roleplay, only some romance.

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