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I love my friends. I can't live without them. But sometimes they leave and don't come back. Which is ok kinda because I get new friends!....yeah anyway I don't roleplay much though i usually just read them. Music is a huge thing for me. i like singing (privately) and doing stuff outside. I'm averagely smart and I am doing just fine.

one more thing about me is i am currently wearing no socks.

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It makes me sad we haven't talked in nearly a week. :( BUT BESIDE THAT-
He is so amazing, and such a good friend. He's very sweet and caring, and i'd do anything for him! He's so nice and funny. I love being around him. I hope we're friends for a very long time because I cant live without him. Anyone who has the honor of being friends with him definitely wont regret it <3 - UselessCatt
apd9091 is amazing just to talk too his is a really good friend he is also nice and chill I recommend you become his friend cause you will have a nice welcoming and awesome friend to talk too! - Gothic_Girl

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