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  • Gender: Female
  • Age: 27
  • Birthday: January 22

Hey. My name is Ashley. I’m a writer, singer, Baker... all around creator ^_^ I love my boyfriend fiancé and our kitty and I guess for reference, my time zone is US central.

I’m pretty busy during the week so my posts will be slow. Weekends will be more active, though. :)

I'm looking for some long-term RP partners and am fine with roleplaying mature themes. I do like a good plot and character development. I only write in third person. I feel like some people get the lines blurred between reality and fiction and this is just one way to keep the boundaries there.

Also, any of my characters can be adapted to fit the story we decide on.

And my three favorite things are anime, fantasy books, and curry. <3

I recently got Discord, so if we need to chat about plot lines and the like that will make it a lot easier. I am also getting a wix page set up for some of my more favorite characters.

Rave Reviews

  • Guys...this girl <3. Asher is an amazing RP partner. Not only is she courteous and friendly, but her writing and story-building is phenomenal. She will surprise you with the amount of work and emotion that she invests into your RP.
    -- LadyLaz
  • She is an amazing partner to RP with and is quite adjusatable for any scenerio which is a good thing in my opinion. Can't think of a single wrong thing about her so if you want a good partner then look no further! 😊😄
    -- NightmareBryce

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