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I feel like I shouldn't have to say this but apparently I do. If you god-mod my character or ignore the logistics I've set up for them I will no longer respond to your posts. End of story.

Hey. My name is Ashley. I’m a writer, singer, Baker... all around creator ^_^ I love my boyfriend fiancé and our kitty and I guess for reference, my time zone is US central.

I'm looking for some long-term RP partners and am fine with roleplaying violence and mature themes, though I would like to keep smut to a minimum. I don't mind writing it but I don't want it to take over the story. I do like a good plot and character development.
I only write in third person because I feel like some people get the lines blurred between reality and fiction and this is just one way to keep the boundaries there.

Also, any of my characters can be adapted to fit the story we decide on.

And my three favorite things are anime, fantasy books, and Thai red curry. <3

I have Discord, so if we need to chat about plot lines and the like that will make it a lot easier. I also have a wix page set up for some of my characters.

Rave Reviews

Asherby is a flexible and laid back creator with a high degree of flexibility and a humility to want to grow as a writer, and has so far been a wonderful delight to write with and exchange feed back with ^^ - Manofmanyfaces
Asherb's stories are just so fun, to put it short. I'm a bit slow right now on getting replies, so I'm actually feeling guilty lately about how long it's taking me to get to Asherb, but we probably have the most progressed and exciting story in my inbox right now. All the while, our Discord DM is really enjoyable from her friendliness and fun sense of humour! Our own rp specifically highlights her willingness to experiment and explore with plots as well which is surprisingly rare and refreshing! Kind and understanding Long-term partner - SmileyChesh

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