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Max/Bes | he/they || ~4 years roleplay experience | hobbyist artist | mainly an original OC roleplayer with the occasional fandom OC

RP style is adaptable to match partner(s) but defaults to single/multiple paragraph and proper grammar with third person and past tense

YES: sexual (both light and heavy), lighthearted, dark, serious, gore, and violent RPs/interactions/content are allowed

NO: rape/non- and dub-con (REASON: i prefer fully consensual encounters but in some cases i will allow a fade to black), on-screen cat death/harm (REASON: i'm alright with brief mentions but pet cat harm is greatly triggering to me, please understand), and pedophilia/predatory relationships

no relationships with a young adult (18-24) and an older adult, please (CLARIFICATION: even though they are adults by law, it feels rather icky to me but i am alright with 25 and older individuals getting into one even if the partner is several years older)

not as much experience writing sexual scenes, if at all, but willing to try if given the chance

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