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"J Replying to Their RPs" - J, 2020.

Sup. The name's J. Just the letter.

One of these days I'll finish making my characters' pages.
Today is not that day.
Tomorrow probably won't be, either.

Status: Hiatus
Current Spoons (out of 5): 0
(Updated: 05-29-2020)


1. I'm over 18 and won't RP with you unless you are too, sorry kids!

2. I have a tendency to come across as brutally honest. If you ask me for RP and I feel as if we won't be a good match for each other, I will tell you so. I'd much rather be straight up than try and work something out just for one of us to lose interest or ghost. I would prefer if you were the same way with me. Not interested in one of the characters or plots I'm coming to you with? Just tell me! I promise you that I would feel a hell of a lot better knowing the truth than to try and have the both of us struggle and suffer.

3. I don't do single-line RPs. I'll usually write 2-4 paragraphs per post but depending on the scene it can be anywhere between 7-9. Let me make this absolutely clear: I do not mind if you can't match. Please, please, please don't try and write me a novel back if you can't! Just as long as I have something to work with, I am perfectly content. In the same vein, if you write me a novel and I feel as if I can only shoot you back a couple paragraphs, please don't come for my head. Sometimes we only have so many spoons, you know?

4. I don't auto-pair, godmod, or write smut without plot. If you wanna RP with me, I'm gonna hope you don't, either.

5. I'm a full-time student. My schedule can be absolute garbage and some days I just want to come home and take a nap on the couch. If we RP, I will let you know my schedule and I will absolutely tell you if I'm going to take a while to reply, pause, or go on hiatus. I will not leave you hanging without a word. I've been a dumbass and done that before, and it sucks and I'm sorry to those it happened to. I'm trying to communicate more this time around. I would really, really prefer if you communicated with me, too.

6. This one's not so much a rule as it is just a confession: I can't seem to RP pure angsty drama anymore. I have enough of that shit in my personal life and I've come to the realization that I can't handle it in my escapism. This isn't to say I don't want drama in my RPs at all, quite the contrary! I love how that shit spices stories up! But I tend to inject humor into my characters and plots, (see: my vampire that lives in an Arby's dumpster) especially when things tend to drift a bit bleak for extended periods of time, so if that isn't your cup of tea, I won't be offended if you search for RP elsewhere!

7. I'm non-monogamous. Because of this it's incredibly difficult for me to play monogamous characters, so unless specified it's safe to assume my characters are some flavor of polyamorous. If you're thinking of hitting me up for a monogamous pairing, please reconsider!

8. All that being said, my inbox is always open! Want to shoot me a plot? Ask me for advice on your character? Send me a really good recipe for cornbread? Link me your favorite meme? I'm here for all of it! <3


Rave Reviews

How I adore J, let me count the ways: Amazing characters that are so much fun. All the characters are super dimensional and so much fun to read and write with. J is always super lovely and nice to talk to! Hilarious, encouraging, supportive, adorable, creative. Just so many great things in a person. I'm really happy to have met them and even more honored to RP with them. You should get to know J too! Great sense of humor Wonderful writer - Somnom
Now, I've never actually done an rp with this person before, but after seeing the amount of effort put into their characters' profiles, I had to leave something here to say how beautifully they are put together. I can see so much potential just from the characters! - Auxiline

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