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About Me

Hello everyone! My name's BrightCat, but y'all can just call me Bright. I'm an artist with a huge love of animation, both TV and film. I've been RPing for as long as I can remember, but I really got into it when I found the MMORPG Istaria, the only MMO that features dragons as a playable race.

Naturally since dragons are my most favorite thing ever I was hooked for years. I typically enjoy fantasy/adventure style RPs, but I'm totally down for more slice of life, romance RPs also. Probably 90% of my characters are dragons, with the rest being an assortment of creatures. I tend to stay away from fandom RPs, however, I'd love to try a Zoids RP.

Want to RP?
Here's some of the things I'm into and my writing style:
Genres: Fantasy, Slice of life, adventure, romance, action. Time periods can vary from historical to contemporary
Style: Literate paragraph writer, free form, minimal combat is best for me (been doing RPs heavy on combat for a long time, they get tiresome)
Comfort Zones: G rating to R, cursing and violence and sexual themes don't bother me. However, I tend to shy away from things dealing with intense violence or abuse (like torture for example). I don't do ERPs. Building up to sexy times is fine, but fade to black during, continue with the after.

Current Status:
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Rave Reviews

I really enjoy the RP we have going on, We may not be too far into it but it's always a pleasure to read the creative replies I get from this one! Sel is definitely a well though out character and the way brightcat135 portrays them is amazing <3 They always put clear effort into their replies and you're never disappointed, I definitely recommnd writing/plotting with this user if you ever have the chance! (who doesn't like dragon based characters anyways?? lol) <3 - Fin_Fin

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