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Hi there. Been a long time since I've role played, so please be patient.

My name is Kara. I cannot currently afford a name change and would rather not make a new profile. Eventually I'll buy a name change :P if I ever find myself active enough to justify the expenditure.

My name USED to be Brandon. I recently (about a year ago as of writing) discovered that I am what is called Genderqueer, in that I identify as both genders simultaneously (compare to Transgender). I prefer female pronouns.

My favorite character is Karasu "Kara" "Kuro" Shimatori. She used to be male, and her name used to be Night Shimatori. She'll answer to any of those names, though. I play her as sort of still getting used to the idea of being a different gender. I think this may be because I know how hard it is to truly transition, as I've not quite done so myself.

If you have any questions on the subject, I'm an open book. Just ask. I don't bite... unless you want me to ♥

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