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Hi, Hope I can make friends instead of enemies. Yk. <3

I'm very nice. :D Yeah, that's a lie- anyways. Ya. I do expect everyone to be kind to each other, even if you full blown hate them. I go as they/them. Sometimes she. I don't like racism, homophobes or any other possible rude thing. Also don't come at me please. I'm still figuring this site out! <3 If your lucky, I may open up to you, and tell you more about me. I have to repeat this, Ofc I will. No, I DO NOT JUST ROLEPLAY. I want to be one of those people who everyone feels comfortable around. I don't listen or spread rumors, I keep secrets, I support your decisions with most things. I don't make fun of people, or anything. But- if your rude to me, don't expect me not to answer you. <3 Luv you, wonderful humans. <3 p.s. I bet u look gud rn-

Rave Reviews

Bean is literally so cool to RP with. Their character ideas are so interesting and their descriptions can be brilliant. They're flexible when it comes to writing style, and are brilliant OOC. A kind, fun person to talk to, and with awesome characters.

Keep up the good work kiddo! Kind and understanding Helpful - immalikeawsome
bxbyGreenbeann here is my best friend! Really kind and understanding, and I got to know them before the rp. They are really sweet, and you will be lucky to know them. They adjust they're length to match yours. So I'm giving my friend here kudos. Well done! Kind and understanding Wonderful writer - Icysoul

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