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Hello there!
Call me Dio,
Yes like Dio Brando, or the band, or Ronnie James Dio? Are there any more Dio's I need to be aware of?
Regardless I am a 16 year old roleplayer from the CST area of America. I'm nonbinary and use they/them pronouns.
I'm currently working a part time job at a fast food joint not even 11 minutes from my house. It's usually never busy so I have spare time to chat whenever I've finished stalking things and cleaning.
Little facts about me;

- I'm a scorpio! I was born on October 30th
- I'm super into world building and character creation.
- I have written over 20 novels (none of them have been published because I don't feel like publishing any of them).
- I play video games all the time on my PC so if we have similar taste in games I wouldn't mind playing games together in my spare time!
- I am quite literally dyslexic and have a hard time catching my spelling mistakes. Feel free to kindly point them out to me if you notice them!
- On average I write over 1.5k words per reply I send out. Not because I'm a try hard, but because I feel the need to write my replies with detail so I don't give my partner the bare minimum.
- I also do just original roleplays, dm me about it with your ideas if you would wanna write one!
- I write mainly female and nonbinary characters. I will not write oc x oc with male characters as it has been ruined for me by many people. If I get to know you well enough I'd be comfortable with writing a male character in an oc x oc relationship.
- I do not write MxM in oc x oc or cc x cc pairings. I don't feel comfortable doing that so please don't ask me.
- Romance is something I like in my roleplays unless I specifically state that our characters would be better off buddies travelling the universe.

Right now I have four characters on my account! These characters are;

Midnight Meteor - For the MLP Fandom
Thunderhoof - For the MLP Fandom
Crimson Star - For the MLP Fandom
Avery E. Morgan - For original roleplays, MHA, Stardew Valley, Danganronpa, Undertale, and more!

Be on the look out for the these up coming characters!

Bennie G.R Robberts
Clint J. Guistiaza
Clover M. Johnson
Elliot M. Akira
Kathyrn D. Keith
Lazari N. Swann
Tanka R. Akira
Violet N. Merando
Roslyn T. Rikan
Ventra D. Barke
Priscilla Wartooth aka Experiment 1001

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