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HELLO YES I'm an artist. I do the RP thing. Sometimes.

Lately I've been floating around in modern SoL, even though my one true love consists of mecha and sci-fi. Every now and then I'll entertain fantasy elements, but for the most part I prefer to keep that magical stuff in the realm of ttrpg.
Everything else? I'm happy to do freeform! And! I'm always hungry to let my characters meet other characters, make friends, make enemies-- anything!

If you wanna know more, or start up a plot, pop me a PM any time!

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Aaaaaaa I have no idea where to begin... Coco's probably one of the goofiest, warmest people I've gotten to know for a loooong time, and one of my all-time favorite people. Her art is so gorgeous and dynamic, her posts are always so fun to read, her characters three-dimensional and complex... There's a lot to say that I can't quite squish into one kudos message, unfortunately! TL;DR: she the best, send a message, say hi! Great sense of humor Creative ideas - MadRatBird
It's hard to say just a few words about how great cocobeef is when I could go on forever. Not only is she a great artist and roleplayer full stop, but her constant creative validation and encouragement make her so much fun to brainstorm with about anything, and I'm a better writer and artist just for knowing her.

I'm proud of my kudos and do my best to deserve them, but real talk: I'm lucky if I get a chance to treat people half as good as coco treats me. - sland

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