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HELLO. YES. I'm an artist. I do the RP thing. Sometimes.

About meee? I usually keep to myself! Really just all about doing my own thing. Writing and developing stories and characters is really just a fun hobby for me, so that's more or less why I RP.
I'm also a bit of a kpop stan! If you ever wanna talk about your ults and biases, or scream about comebacks, feel free to throw me a PM! I'll scream with you!
I'll scream even louder if you have kpop OCs for me to look at!
10/10 will definitely stan your OCs.

(Or, like, PM me if you want to talk about anything at all! I'm chill! Love meeting new people!)
RP Info Be Like--
For the most part, I tend to keep to modern low-or-no fantasy. Love me that drama, love me that realism.
However, given the chance that I meet someone who's as nuts about sci-fi and MECHAS as I am, then there's something I'll happily betray my bread and butter for.

That isn't to say that I don't do any fantasy-- I've done a lot, actually! But! It's something I really have to be in the mood for, and more often than not I prefer to keep it to TTRPG and such.

Whether you're looking for freeform or wanna bust out some dice, I'm gucci! Feel free to PM me any time about any kind of RP!

All I ask is that you be 18+ and that you work in third person! I also tend to write fairly big. My posts frequently clock in past 3 paragraphs, and can easily break 5, so keep that in mind!


Rave Reviews

It's hard to say just a few words about how great cocobeef is when I could go on forever. Not only is she a great artist and roleplayer full stop, but her constant creative validation and encouragement make her so much fun to brainstorm with about anything, and I'm a better writer and artist just for knowing her.

I'm proud of my kudos and do my best to deserve them, but real talk: I'm lucky if I get a chance to treat people half as good as coco treats me. - sland
A talented writer and freakin’ phenomenal artist. She has a talent for keeping all her characters engaging and multi-dimensional, so interacting with them never gets boring. And her ability to balance dark themes and sweet fluff is perfection. I don’t know how she does it! She’s so genuine, positive, and creative. I always have a smile on my face when interacting with her, and look forward to talking to her even if it’s just to share images or music videos. Coco is honestly a delight IC and OOC! Creative ideas Wonderful writer - bluebeard

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