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HELLO. YES. Sometimes I art. Sometimes I write. Mostly I hermit.

About meee? I usually keep to myself! Really just all about doing my own thing. Writing and developing stories and characters is really just a fun hobby for me, so that's more or less why I RP.
RP Info Be Like--
For the most part, I tend to keep to modern low-or-no fantasy. Love me that drama, love me that realism.
However, given the chance that I meet someone who's as nuts about sci-fi and MECHAS as I am, then there's something I'll happily betray my bread and butter for. There's also times where I'll do a bit of sword-n-sorcery fantasy, and I love to work within fandoms as well.

I'm also quite happy to do a bit of TTRPG. Youuu might notice a number of my listed characters are built and styled just for that!

But, yeah! If you want to do a bit of RP, feel free to message me!

All I ask is that you be 18+ and that you work in third person! Sometimes I write big, but I'm happy to match my partner.


Rave Reviews

Late night kudos for this wonderful human being. They've become more of a friend, partner and shining star than I ever expected. There for me through thick and thin. I have no choice but to gush about our amazing RP's. They're so raw, real and absolutely breath taking. Delightful twists and turns. An RP with one pairing branches off into another pairing, and all the sudden the world is even more vibrant. Thank you so much for being so amazing Bug, I can't say it enough. Hands down 100% Kind and understanding Wonderful writer - MercyInReach
Oh my FRIGGING glob. This amazing crazy human being came into my life just when I needed her too. I cannot even begin to express how much I needed coco here. I was in a kind of dark place the last month, and in came coco, being as weird and hilarious as I am. Not only is she a fantastic writer, with amazing ideas, but listens to my ideas, hypes me and our super queer complicated bois up, but ALSO doesn't complain when I spam her with music and silly videos. Get at it. You won't regret it. Great sense of humor Wonderful writer - MercyInReach

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