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HELLO. YES. Sometimes I art. Sometimes I write. Mostly I hermit.

About meee? I usually keep to myself! Really just all about doing my own thing. Writing and developing stories and characters is really just a fun hobby for me, so that's more or less why I RP.
RP Info Be Like--
For the most part, I tend to keep to modern low-or-no fantasy. Love me that drama, love me that realism.
However, given the chance that I meet someone who's as nuts about sci-fi and MECHAS as I am, then there's something I'll happily betray my bread and butter for. There's also times where I'll do a bit of sword-n-sorcery fantasy, and I love to work within fandoms as well.

I'm also quite happy to do a bit of TTRPG. Youuu might notice a number of my listed characters are built and styled just for that!

But, yeah! If you want to do a bit of RP, feel free to message me!

All I ask is that you be 18+ and that you work in third person! I also tend to write fairly big. My posts frequently clock in past 3 paragraphs, and can easily break 5, so keep that in mind!


Rave Reviews

Coco is an amazing writer with so many great characters. Their writing has a wonderful flow to it that's so easy to sink into and it brings so much inspiration to write back to! Not only are their chars and writing great, but they're a lovely person to chat with that's so sweet and friendly. I highly recommend RPing with Coco, or at least sending a message for a dose of friendliness! :D Kind and understanding Wonderful writer - MissPixie
It's hard to say just a few words about how great cocobeef is when I could go on forever. Not only is she a great artist and roleplayer full stop, but her constant creative validation and encouragement make her so much fun to brainstorm with about anything, and I'm a better writer and artist just for knowing her.

I'm proud of my kudos and do my best to deserve them, but real talk: I'm lucky if I get a chance to treat people half as good as coco treats me. - sland

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