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You have a home in my Queendom
I will be your warrior, I will be your lamb

I hunt the grounds for empathy
and hate the way it hides from me


codeAddict | artEnthusiast | rpFlake

see you in the upside down.
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Rave Reviews

I've known this amazing soul for probably more years than we've both realized. They have one of the most creative minds I've found and I am always so excited when I have a chance to roleplay with them. It's like I'm reading poetry with each and every post with how well it flows and how very engaging it is. I'd recommend them to anyone, though I will warn you that I'm going to selfishly steal them away whenever possible because I cannot get enough of them. - FatCatSupreme
A beauty that has gone through fire with me. With issues thrown behind us and pushing forward. It created a bond that allows for the honesty and face forward actions most people do not have. Creative in the mind with the talent to dip words with honey. It's hard to stay away from or desire all the attention when writing magic. - Nekomanics

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