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Hello everyone! :) I'm a new user here on RP Repository, but I've been RPing extensively for over ten years and counting now - and probably closer to twenty years, actually, because I remember some of my earliest attempts dating back as early as of 2004. Wow, time indeed flies!

I'm Italian, but I studied English at university and am good enough at writing fiction in it. In fact, I learned English and fiction-writing through RPing! Over the years I've been involved in a number of plays... fantasy, high fantasy, sci-fi, even a couple of RPs based on the old cartoon series of the Animals of Farthing Wood! XD

I love freeform RPs and occasionally chat-styles ones. But I don't really like dices, they're not for me, and I'm not a fan of tabletops.

Nowadays my favorite genres include action, adventure, "soft" sci-fi and character building. I'm not averse to romantic (even smut) but only if so far as it fits the overall plot; I'll never pair two characters "just because", I want to be invested in their relationship and feel there's an actual chemistry before anything deeper than friendship develops. However, my interest for fantasy has sizzled out so I won't be very likely interested in RPs that involve fantasy elements or magic, I kinda burned myself out and am looking for something different at the moment X'D

In my spare time I love writing and drawing! I have an art page on Facebook that I'm working to improve and am currently undertaking the momentous project of writing and drawing a graphic novel. Will I succeed? Time will tell, but for now I'm not giving up X'D

In real life, I work in a call center for a job agency, it used to be full time 5 days a week but with the new Covid measures we've been cut off some days for the time being. We'll see if it changes down the line!

Looking foward to get to know other players and your fabulous characters! ^_^

Rave Reviews

Titanium is an awesome writer, in the very few amounts of posts they have made, they have wowed me. But these kudos I give on the basis of one beautiful, glorious masterpiece that they have made: the Aliprandi Clan. It is a glorious work of art, from Anastasio to Aurthur.

Personally I give it an A+

This is in addition their great long term plot planning, they have a unique knack for it that I haven't seen often. Creative ideas - Anonymous
amazing man altogether want him to have more kudos This man helped me as a new rprepository person come in and get started hope you can friend him too Kind and understanding Creative ideas - Anonymous

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