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『hey. my name's lace, welcome to my palace < 3』
they/it | pyromaniac | pagan witch | gemini | cancer
Roleplay Status: Selective

instagram: @jesthejester
tiktok: jesthejester
˚ ༘♡ ⋆。˚
click before interacting w/ me!
☀️ this may change as events and things come along, but the only times i can reply as of now are on Mondays & Thursdays. Sometimes if i have an available schedule on Fridays, i'll reply then too.

☀️if it appears i have ghosted you, there's a chance it was either because i forgot, or something about the roleplay makes me uncomfortable and i can't continue it. i try to notify my partners if this is the case, but things like this are hard for me to do, not too sure why.

☀️oh yeah, some my characters are currently anonymous, for personal reasons. if you're curious, though, feel free to shoot me a message and i'll link you to them.

☀️if you come to me asking for a roleplay, please make it worth my time. have ideas ready, or be willing to contribute to planning the roleplay. if you say you have absolutely no ideas, you're bound to be ignored.

☀️if it seems NSFW topics will be involved in a roleplay, discuss it with me beforehand. Not only do scenes like this out of nowhere make me uncomfortable, but the device i use is often monitored unless given a heads up. so please, just communicate with me.

☀️I keep IC messages and OOC messages separate, so there will be two threads. just an fyi

☀️ i roleplay in 3rd person, literate and i only roleplay in private messaging, not public forums. also, i don't do rolelplays with more than one person, so i stick to 1x1
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tone tags
use these if your messages can be interpreted multiple ways. some people have difficulty picking up on tone. communicating through text only makes this harder due to lack of audio and physical clues (voice inflection, body language, facial expressions, etc.) tagging what tone you are using can be very helpful for others understanding of what you're saying, clarification, avoiding miscommunications, etc.
/j = joking
/hj = half joking
/s or /sarc = sarcastic / sarcasm
/srs = serious
/nsrs = not serious
/lh = light hearted
/g or /gen = genuine / genuine question
/ij = inside joke
/ref = reference
/t = teasing
/nm = not mad
/lu = a little upset
/nbh = nobody here
/nsb = not subtweeting
/nay = not at you
/ay = at you
/nbr = not being rude
/ot = off topic
/th = threat
/cb = clickbait
/f = fake
/q = quote
/l or /ly = lyrics
/c = copypasta
/m = metaphor / metaphorically
/li = literal / literally
/rt or /rh = rhetorical question
/hyp = hyperbole
/p = platonic
/r = romantic
/a = alterous
/sx or /x = sexual intent
/nsx or /ns = non-sexual intent
/pc or /pos = positive connotation
/nc or /neg = negative connotation
/neu = neutral / neutral connotation
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anime fandoms !!

⌲boku no hero academia (my hero academia) (haven't finished, no spoilers pls)
⌲haikyu!! (haven't finished, no spoilers pls)
⌲death note
⌲children of the whales (whale's children)
⌲kill la kill
⌲blue exorcist
⌲black butler
⌲demon slayer (haven't finished no spoilers pls)
⌲assassination classroom (still watching)
⌲promised neverland (still watching)
˚ ༘♡ ⋆。˚
kpop fandoms !!
⌲stray kids (baby stay)
˚ ༘♡ ⋆。˚
misc fandoms !!
⌲once upon a time (tv show)
⌲Sally Face (game) (CURRENT OBSESSION OMG)
⌲supernatural (tv show) (not finished yet pls no spoilers, i'll cry)
⌲doki doki literature club (video game)
⌲mystic messenger (game) (i've literally only done one route i suck sm)
⌲walking dead (tv show)
⌲mortal instruments (the books, not the movie.)
⌲fnaf sb

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