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Mountain Standard Time - ENFP -

NaNoWriMo 2018, 2019, and 2020

I don't know how to format an aesthetically pleasing profile, but I try.

Please feel free to DM me, I'm not necessarily the best socializer and tend to be a bit bubbly, but I am almost always looking for new RP partners and friends :)

I'm in a bunch of fandoms, PM me and I'm sure that I share one with you.

I have an adaptive writing style and can/will(if I have to) write one liners up to 8+ paragraphs. I prefer not to start the roleplay but if you want me to I absolutely can!

Many OC's outside of RPR

Graphic Design
Avid Manga reader
Diagnosed ADHD, if I forget to reply I'm so sorry, please shoot me a quick PM!
parent of a spazzed out little dog and villainous cat
Avid lover of travel

If I roleplay romance, I will most likely lean towards Male x Male pairings, as it's what I'm most comfortable with. If you fetishize MLM and only want to RP for sex I will immediately end the conversation.

Quick message about my writing
As you may have noticed, my writing is a little off, yes? I hope you didn't notice, but I, at least, am aware that my writing skills aren't necessarily that of a master's. My explanation is, is that I have a few learning disabilities. I am choosing not to disclose them here on the internet, so you don't have to believe me, or whatever, but I simply do. It has taken me over fifteen years of writing to get to the point I am at now. I am aware that I am not the best. Please do not point this out to me, as I am constantly and avidly aware (unless I type something you may not understand? Sometimes my sentences get a bit wonky). I am choosing to tell, uh, y'all, this, because I am tired of feeling stupid for something I cannot control. I am not stupid, I just, work differently, y'know? So, if I get my tenses mixed up, or place an inappropriate comma, or use too many paragraph breaks and so on, please understand that I am constantly working to improve and I edit my replies before sending them, as unbelievable as it may seem. So, uh. Yeah. I hope I didn't make my whole page awkward with this little rant type thing. Disclaimer? Idk. Anyways:

I hope we can get along!

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Their amazing with the responses. Love the humor in it among with making me joyful for the next reply. Very good at making sure everything is up and top. Kind and understanding Great sense of humor - Little_Teacup18
Makes interesting characters with inner turmoil that make you want to help them. Able to pull you into the mind of his characters and fun to rp with. Wonderful writer Drives the plot forward - EndPhase

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