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3rd person semi-lit. to lit. | 1x1 | pm only

Hello! you can call me Cryptic. I started putting together stories as soon as I could string together enough words to make a story, and I started RPing not long after as a little kid on various kids websites. I absolutely fell in love with everything you could do with it, and I found solace in making characters, so here I am 13 years later still as passionate as ever about it!. :)

I'm currently a college senior majoring in psychology, and I absolutely love my major. However, my classes do have a tendency to keep me busy! I try to respond as often as possible, but I will admit that I can be pretty slow at times. I do my best to communicate if I'll be away, but if it's been a minute, feel free to shoot me a message!

About Me
  • Central Daylight Time [UTC−05:00]
  • Hobbyist Artist & Writer
  • caffeine fiend
  • I generally won't accept random friend requests! I'm really shy and much prefer talking to someone first.
  • I love to chat, though, and if you don't mind me being the awkwardest person ever— my discord is cryptic#2142 :)
RP Requirements & Preferences
  • I mainly write in third person past tense, but I don't mind my partner using present tense. I won't use first person, though, because it feels awkward to write.
  • I tend to write multi-paragraph replies. My average is 3-4 paragraphs, but I am okay with longer or shorter lengths as long as there's enough for me to work with! I length match as well, but I never expect it.
  • I prefer to RP with players 18+ but I don't require this. Though, mature content in RP is limited to players/characters over 18.
  • I love to communicate OOC! I ask a lot of questions because I get nervous, haha. I love learning about characters, too.
  • I like games like Persona 5, Pokemon, Stardew Valley, Terraria, Starbound, and The Sims. I play Overwatch 2 competitively for my college, so I'm always happy to talk about some Overwatch!
  • I play FlightRising
  • I'm a homestuck/hiveswap fan, and I have a lot of fan-related characters. I keep their profiles anonymous, but I love to play with them!
  • I love music, and listen to a lot of music in my day to day life. I love Mother Mother and Glass Animals especially.
  • I like to draw & I do a lot of digital art.

Rave Reviews

Crypticmoth and I have been RP buddies since the very beginning of my RP career, and never once have I had a disappointing roleplay with her. She has very quirky-yet-deep characters, is amazing at keeping the plot interesting, and pays lots of attention to little details that makes the world around your characters seem that much more vivid. Creative ideas Wonderful writer - WolfieTheDragon13

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