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  • Epic Member
  • Gender: Female
  • Age: 22
  • Birthday: February 17

Things I'd appreciate for my birthday:

Internet hugs/words of support
Can never have enough character slots!


Friday, February 22nd, 2019


SLEEPING - Thursday and Friday I will only be online maybe once, as I am hyperfocusing on getting work done these last two days before the weekend.

This Weeks RP Response Time:

Slightly delayed from average. This week espeically, I will be working on hammering out work to get shit done by the upcoming Saturday. So replies may be delayed as I will be working most of the day and can't promise I'll get many replies out in the late evening before bed.

*I have rearranged people in my folders so that it's more evenly balanced between everyday, twice a week, and once a week. Which means some of you may get replies less frequently, but this will mean I will be less stressed out and less likely to get burnt out on our RP's. It means you will get more consistent posts, and I will be allowed time to focus on our RP specifically for those days that it is scheduled.


I leave my phone logged in so when it says I am 'online' I am not online unless my currently says so. If my profile says online but my currently says something else, then I am not online.


Hey there lovely! I'm Deirdre. I'm friendly, demi/bisexual and super proud of it; but most importantly I am a creative and inspired young self-published author who also enjoys spending my spare time storytelling through RP. I have some serious chronic pain that makes it difficult to do much outside of the house, so RPR has become a place I can most likely be found when I am not doing my once weekly grocery shopping and once monthly writers group. I joined RPR almost three years go.

I am currently working on two books, the first to be published in July 2019, the second hopefully at the beginning of 2020. (Check back for more information!) I've been writing in general for nine years, and RPing for almost three years, not counting some minor RP I did when I was quite young.

I spent the majority of my time drafting and plotting novels, watching Good Mythical Morning and other YouTubers, chatting with my friends via text or call, watching shows, listening to music, posting about fictional characters, and taking lots of selfies and outfit photos for social media. Of those things, writing and communicating with my friends probably mean the most to me.

I will always stick up for and do anything I can to help a friend. I am always open to new friends however please PM me before ending me a friend request so I know who you are.

PM's are only open to those 18+ at the moment for the foreseeable future.

Twitter: @dmichelleauthor
Personal: @everycurlandcurve
Author: @dmichelleauthor
Meet Betty


Betty is a very sophisticated walrus that prides herself on her natural elegance and fashion sense. No mucky outdoors life for her! She resides in a mansion of her own design, flopping on velvet lounges and dining on the freshest salmon.

Now if only I could get her to let me move in...


Current number of RP's:


Inactive: 6

= 16

I've decided to divide my RPs into two groups. Ones I will reply to everyday, and ones I will reply to twice a week (at least).

Everyday: 7
Twice a Week: 3

RP Status: Tentatively Closed. Unless I post on the forum looking for something, I most likely will not be starting any new RPs; but if you have a really good idea, give messaging me a shot and we'll see.
My RP Preferences/Rules.

F/M always.
F/F occasionally.
M/M maybe.

Modern Romance, always.
Historical Romance, usually.
Fantasy/ Supernatural, occasionally.
Sci-fi, rarely ever, but sometimes.
Drama, action, mystery, angst, always.

Sexual content:
Always. I write sexual content very explicitly, and do not fade to black except in very specific circumstances.

I only RP with characters 18+ no exceptions.
OOC is 18+ as well, I am uncomfortable talking to those under 18.
I write minimum of two paragraphs or 250 words, and prefer my partners do the same.
I write almost always at a 10th grade level or higher, and prefer the same, but as long as you are detailed, and keep me interested, I am not the grammar police.

When will I be online posting you ask?

Here is my updated January & February Schedule.

(Eastern Time)

~Usually but Not Constant~
M: Noon to 2pm and 7pm to 1am
T: Noon to 2pm and 7pm to 1am.
W:Noon to 2pm and 7pm to 1am.
H: Noon to 2pm and 7pm to 1am.
F: 5pm to 6pm and 7pm to 2am.
S:OFF DAY (usually)
S:On and off between noon and midnight.

Note: During the November and December Holiday season I will not be posting as frequently.
Click here for more about me.

Things I care about!:

I believe in equality of all people of every gender, sexuality, and skin color.
I adore human beings and love is love.
I will not stand for the mistreatment of women or sexism, whether it's aggressive or benevolent. It is harmful in any of its forms.
I cannot stand bullying. I will always stand up to it, even if I am nervous or scared.
I am super passionate about my writing, and am a hopeless romantic who has tossed myself over the cliff and there is no coming back from the pit of mushy passionate stuff I adore writing and plan to share with the world. That's not to say I don't enjoy angst and drama though.
I love kittens, and cats in general. I want a black cat to name Salem.
I am a super body positive fat babe and want you and everyone to love their bodies and wear whatever you want! All bodies are beautiful and handsome. <3

Favorite TV shows:/color

Voltron: Legendary Defender
The Good Place
Young & Hungry
Fuller House
That 70's Show
The Vampire Diaries
Avatar: The Last Airbender
Adventure Time
The Big Bang Theory

Favorite Movies:
Professor Marston and The Wonder Women
The Spirit of Christmas
Picture Perfect

Favorite Books:
Sookie Stackhouse Series
Bared to You Series
Pretty much any bodice ripper.


Rave Reviews

  • Damnationfromafar is a brilliant, articulate and sophisticated writer. Attention to plot details, intrigue and creative descriptive elements make reading her posts read like reading a novel.

    She is a top notch roleplay partner and I feel smarter for getting to co-create with her.
    -- Mazz
  • Dei is a lot of fun to interact with, IC and OOC alike! We just started roleplaying, but I can tell the future holds many stories just waiting for us to unfold.

    Also- her hair is fabulously blue, your argument is invalid.
    -- Spook

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