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Hello, I'm Dan. If you would like to write with me, please send me a private message with a list of things you would like to write and I will see what I can do. I have thoroughly enjoyed writing with people online for many years and enjoy a good story!

I enjoy romance stories, fantasy, science fiction and a good writing partner to share the story with! I am a verified adult and prefer to write with adults. I've met a lot of great people to write with on this server.

I sometimes struggle with starting a story, but once the plot and characters are set and I can explore the story I'm really excited to get into the creativity! I am also willing to make a custom character for your stories if you wish. I have lots of character slots available! So bare with me and I promise I will do my best to be a good writing partner!

Rave Reviews

The times we did role play were remarkable sponontous and unpredictable. Fascinating incredibly detailed writer. I'm happy I had a chance to role play with this man. Wonderful writer Fast responses - LakotaSiouxWarrior
Danmanmun is a wonderful partner, he is patient even when my real life is chaos. He also understands when my posts are not great, but he makes me strive to do more. I love his OC Nathan, he is a sweet caring guy. I really am happy I was so lucky as to find Dan as a partner when I was so new to this site. I really do adore this guy all around. <3 - Furyaun

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