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I'm a 25 yr old only interested in rp partners who are 18 plus. It's not that I am only interested in mature rps more that I'm just more comfortable with people around my age range.

I draw a lot too! I draw a lot more than I write. All the art used in my character galleries are art that I made.

I love making friends and getting to know new ocs! One of my favorite things is picking out a character that has a conflicting personality to yours! I like a good mix of lighthearted jokes and bonding with serious themes mushed together in a feelings roller coaster.

I'm most used to writing in a low fantasy worlds but that doesn't mean that I can't cover other genres. I love talking about world building inOOC just about as much as I love talking about characters. I am always in love with squashing our ideas together and coming up with a fun universe for both of us to play in!

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I’ve known and played with Dazzel for years, and lemme tell you: Dazzel is excellence in every way. A wonderful writer, a bomb artist, and a fantastic person to talk to. On top of that, an adept player for table top games, learning game systems fast and eager to play! Dazzel is the full package, and I’m so so so lucky to have them as a partner! 💗💗💗 Great sense of humor Wonderful writer - cocobeef

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