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West (played by destroyer)
West is the OwO emoji, but in one hand she's holding a knife and in the other an egg. I know that's confusing, but that's the whirlwind adventure you get out of roleplaying with her. She's got so much personality to express, and her aggressive side is so fun to interact with because it's not overt in a way that makes you roll your eyes and go, "Well our characters have no reason to interact again." She's real in a way that she makes mistakes and knows she's making them, but still a good bff! - Marie
I have played with Destroyer in the past many years ago, and this past year stumbled upon them again. They are one of the most memorable story writers I've ever come across. Scenes can be sweet, violent, passive, dramatic, anything and everything, and all of their characters are unique. When I wasn't rping with them, I wished that I was, and now that I am, well, I'm gonna hold on for as long as I can. Definitely don't pass over this one. Wonderful writer Long-term partner - Vicious

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