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  • Gender: Male
  • Birthday: August 21

Hello fellow roleplay-ees... roleplay-ers?... roleplaying people?... whatever. If you want to RP with me, just PM me, i'll respond as soon as I can. If I am not responding that means I hate your guts. kidding, kidding, But in all seriousness, If I am not responding, I'm either not there, or have severe writers block. I AM ALWAYS LOOKING TO RP!!!

Oh yeah, I also make cancerous meme videos on youtube...

I'm allergic to doughnuts xp.

Eat ya soon! ~Donuts

Rave Reviews

  • Erasmus-kun, this guy, I cannot even fathom my thoughts in order to explain the feelings I have for him. I haven't even known him for very long, and I've only done one roleplay, but just talking with him makes me understand what a wonderful person he is. I can't help...
    -- Rirra
  • I haven't really roleplayed with any of his characters other than Jason. I just gotta say that this character was adorable and blunt (in a good way). He also gives certain depths to his characters. Kudos to you!
    -- Starfish78

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