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Welcome to the Cindergrove is a by application fantasy setting RP focused on completing quests and rebuilding a ruined town--as well as the friends we make along the way. Please check it out and sign up if you're interested. Opens May 1st, 2020.

20/05/01:/ Not sure if this pushes to everyone's feeds, but if it does, I want to apologize for spotty replies. My computer is crashing multiple times per day and I'm having a just epic flip-tonne of hardware and software issues. It's driving me crazy. I've taken a mental health day because I'm stressed out, and will get back to things tomorrow.
20/04/24: It's my birthday! Woo hoo! I've opened the Cindergrove thread, put up a looking for RP ad up for it, and built a bunch of NPC's into a character sheet here if you'd like to snoop. I miss D&D with my buds, but maybe online gaming is the next best thing? I'm really hoping to provide a fun and laid-back game for everyone.
20/04/15: Rebuilding some new characters and dipping my toes back into RP. I'm really jonesing for a mix of D&D, freeform RP, and Stardew Valley cuteness. A mix of adventure and building friendships would be really nice to explore ICly.
17/10/28: I'm prepping for NaNo so I'm not taking on any new threads, but I'm happy to chat OOCly![/collapse]
Availability: Semi-Open
(Response times: At least one response per day)
Cindergrove: Main thread here -- A fantasy/D&D inspired quest and town-builder with room for meeting new characters among the fantasy community.

Time Zone: GMT-8 (Pacific Standard)

Work: Nope (laid off due to COVID-19, d'oh)

Diurnal; not night-owl

Art Trades: Closed

Commissions: Closed
I build D&D modules for dmsguild for fun and am fussing around with finding a new career (I would love to get into IT after nearly a decade in retail!) However... my favourite hobby will always be writing and RP.

  • 3rd person; past tense preferred but present tense is okay.
  • I'm not looking to RP smut or adult themes at the moment.
  • Game styles I like the best:
    1. JamJar: throw both pre-existing characters into a new setting with their previous memories.
    2. Oneshots: Throw our characters into a single scene to see how they get along, or play out a single short adventure to benefit our characters for some future cause (similar to D&D encouraging a one-shot adventure for characters to save folks, get a rare item, etc.)
    3. Multi-scene story-building: If our characters have a good dynamic, have them team up for a cause... maybe found family, maybe adventure? Maybe just because they're curious where the other is going in life?
  • I prefer free-form for 1x1 games, but don't mind mechanics/rules for group settings. I still prefer to keep a thread to 1-2 other players at a time to limit the chaos of a big forum free-for-all.
  • I like posts by PM or by messenger like discord best!
  • I'm all for planning out a little ahead of time if wanted. I usually use OOC in (( brackets )) if I need to check in on a possible plot point. I also like roughing out a premise before diving into RP. It's cool if the thread drifts a little; characters sometimes do their own thing.
  • I like reciprocal driving of plot; it's nice to take turns leading the narrative progress in a thread. I find that if I'm in charge 90% of the time I tend to get burned out... but it's been a while since I last freeform RP'd (as of 2020) and I've been doing a lot of DMing for my D&D group, so who knows! I'd like to keep a line of OOC communication open so we can switch off or take it easy if anyone is feeling overwhelmed.
  • Sometimes I write a lot to set up a scene; usually the length of my posts is variable. If you prefer longer or shorter, please let me know what you're most comfy with.
  • While I have lots of free time now (as of Apr. 2020) that may change! I spend a lot of time writing adventure modules and I'm starting a brand new career, which means lots of studying for certifications. Please be patient with me. I'd like to be able to post multiple times per day. I'll at least get one or two in.
  • I like open lines of communication””if you're uncomfortable with anything, please let me know, and vice versa. It's all a hobby, but holding a safe space is important to me.

(Check back once in a while, as these will be refreshed!)
{Building new characters, bbiab}

(YC = Your Character, MC = My Character)

Nothing to see here at the moment! I will add some prompts up as I find some new, fun ones.

Rave Reviews

I have met dray through their Cindervale LKFRP post, we have talked via email, they are polite and kind, full of creative ideas and great drawings. During Epic Week he is active and an asset to the warrior's team. Looking forward to roleplaying with this user Helpful Creative ideas - Tusitala2017
I haven't had the pleasure of RPing with Dray yet, but I know her because of her art and how active she is! Dray has been a very encouraging person for me, consistently commenting on my art and offering advice and compliments. I greatly appreciate your thought and advice, thank you so much! By the way, your art is beautiful and fantastic. You have lovely characters! - InquisitorCat

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