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||Crynn || 17|| ♀ ||
Hello Friendos, My name is Crynn/Jade- though if you prefer you can just call me Dssieri. I'm a returning role player after taking a small break for a few months, in which I deleted my old account for a fresh start.

Do not be afraid to send me a PM for any ideas that you may have. I tend to be pretty open and I love making new characters for roleplays, even if I never use them again.

(Other websites I use)
Discord: crynn#1392
Instagram: unassimilatednormiee
WoW: Cryññ- MoonGuard (US)

☀Roleplay Style / rules ☀
slipknot-like-dislike-psycho-psychosocial-gif-9115321.gif My role-play style is definitely more detailed, I tend to match my partner in length pretty well. (Like if you were to give me 5 paragraphs, I'd do the same.) I'm a complete mirror paragrapher by far.

If you give me no effort in your writing, i probably wont return much effort back.


- Please, no one liners. I need something to work with and it normally makes me feel like the other person doesn't really care very much for the roleplay. Of course I understand that life happens and we always can't give lengthy replies, but please don't give constant ones if so.

-If we are doing a fantasy/action role play, please no gmoding, It makes it not very fun knowing pretty much nothing can stop your character since they are basically God.


↠Somethings About Me↞

I am a huge music lover, primarily Nu-Metal/Metal. Though I love other genres like all kinds of Rock and Alternative. I grew up listening too Panic! at the disco and My chemical romance, so that should explain;;

-System Of A Down
-Scars On Broadway
-Arctic Monkeys
(and many others)
"I play doctor for five minutes flat
Before I cut my heart open and let the air out" - Slipknot

-Even if you don't want to role play with me, I am always down to make a new friend. I love meeting people and learning about them, it's fascinating. I am a very shy person in real life, but on the internet i'm a social butterfly for sure.

-I am a Cello Player of 10+ years, and I happen to be a cat mom.

Rave Reviews

  • Dssieri is someone I've known for a long time. She is creative and sweet and just all around amazing in every single way. She can do detailed rp's and even when she's uninspired she just truly shines through so much!!! I definitely suggest rping with her
    -- ShiNoTenshi1008

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