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  • Gender: Female
  • Age: 19
  • Birthday: March 15

February 1st 2019 if our rp or conversation has gone a month without activity endless I’m told before hand I will delete the rp I hate people

must be 18+ to rp

My disabilities

I will state I do have disabilities that slow me down in replaying because it takes a minute to put my words together. Not to mention having a life outside roleplay to. And yes I spell words wrong also. It’s simply because of my disability my auto correct corrects most of them but not always so if it’s a problem then simply move on. No negativity coming my way if you move on for that little reason.

Im up for any type of roleplay jest message me. And please do not ghost me I will not ghost you.

personal info
So many of you guys have mis judged me. Which is okay. Most don’t understand my point of view on rp. Most see my weird posts. To me it’s my reality really. In rl I’m a country girl. I live on 20 acre farm with my dad and mom and nephews. We own horses goats and dogs and cats. I love to roleplay. Iv been roleplaying since I was 8 I am now 19. So in a way I’m a vet in roleplay world. To me I’m not I’m jest a normal farm girl looking looking for a escape. For love. Iv lives on a farm my whole life it’s Jest who I am. I love country roleplay because I can relate. Expashally romance roleplays. Don’t get me wrong I love other kinds of roleplays. Iv done anything from blind rp to a famous person. I’m up for any type of rp. Iv done a high school/ country rp that lasted 2 years yeah 2 years it took a lot of effort from both halves but we loved it. It’s still be going on if he hadn’t went to collage. We stay in touch and we want to start it back up. But I want more rp partners. So my pms are open. I’m sorry for rambling. It’s jest hard to put the right words in to let people know why I am the way I am.

Rave Reviews

  • What can I say about emi? Well I must admit that she’s an awesome person to roleplay with because she makes the roleplay super fun and interesting so I highly recommend roleplaying with her
    -- LarryBandzIV
  • This girl is amazing. Her characters are so well thought out, allowing the story line to naturally develop. I honestly couldn't ask for more from her. If your looking for a enjoyable but mature role play, then she's the one to go for.
    -- Reckless

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