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i'm here to have fun and let my imagination take over.
i don't tolerate drama. i don't tolerate bullies.
i don't tolerate toxicity.

groups where i can be found:
The Exciting Eighties

1. i keep my characters anonymous solely because i overlap their stories and it looks better on their profiles if they're not connected back to me. i am in no way secretive about who my characters are, and any group i'm involved in knows who i play.

2. i'm friendly and love talking about my characters. plotting, brainstorming, etc. i love to hear about your characters and your ideas and will always be happy to cheer you on.

3. i have absolutely no trouble cutting toxic people out of my life. i don't tolerate jealous, possessive rp partners or passive aggressive comments. if you're a bully, racist, homophobe, or just an asshole, i've got literally no issue never speaking to you again. #bye

4. i'm open to really anything when it comes to my characters and their lives. wanna be their relative? hmu. wanna just throw shit at a wall and see what sticks? lets do it. wanna crush their hearts and ruin their lives? sounds like a party.

5. i genuinely dislike typical meet-and-greet style rps. i like to have an idea of what to do, something interesting to focus on during the rp. that said, i do genuinely enjoy slice of life rp, though i can be sometimes slower to respond to them.

6. i don't like to pre-determine romantic connections and i genuinely prefer to rp any other relationship OTHER than romantic. friends, family, enemies, etc. gimmie all of the connections. i'd rather have a well rounded character that has depth than focus solely on a romantic connection.

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Emily always has been and always will be an amazing source of inspiration and bountiful ideas. She inspires people around her to bring their best foot forward and always encourages the best plotting and networking I've ever had the pleasure of being a part of. If you ever get the opportunity, never EVER hesitate to create amazing stories with Emily. She'll always leave you craving more. Wonderful writer Long-term partner - Dug
Inspirational at the very least, Emily is a friend and confidant that I rely on. Aside from being a positive influence in my life, she is a fantastic roleplayer. I have had the pleasure of three of her characters, and each one never fails to surprise me. Expect fantastic writing and beautiful character development all coupled into the same person. - 13ee

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