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🌺 emily - 28 yrs - female - est - taken 🌺

Welcome to my profile! Please take a moment to read my rules and peruse through my characters. I keep my "incomplete" character profiles private but I do have some spares that are available to roleplay with given the right circumstances. I've been roleplaying for ...quite a long time (at this point, I'm not sure how long) and have dappled in a bit of everything. I began my roleplay "career" playing ferals and have moved on to humans and supernaturals. I tend to gravitate towards modern and sci-fi themes but am open to playing anything depending on the situation.

I will NOT pair my characters without plots and many, many hours of deliberation. I do this to avoid unnecessary OOC drama and for my own comfort. Please respect this decision. If you cannot, I will not roleplay with you.

RP Bae


1. I will not roleplay with people or characters under 18 years of age.

2. I will not roleplay with canon characters or characters taken from shows/books/tv.

3. Please respect the fact that I work and cannot devote a lot of time to posting back and forth, but that does not mean that I'm not invested. Sometimes I will forget that I have a post that I need to do, so if it's been more than a week please don't hesitate to reach out to me.

4. I love plotting and talking about my characters with people, and enjoy when people do the same in return. It makes me feel like people are enjoying themselves. If it bothers you, please just let me know!

5. I really genuinely dislike meet-and-greet roleplays. I would much rather think up some weird, interesting way for characters to meet and/or skip that part completely to get onto more interesting roleplays.

6. If I tell you that I don't feel like my character wouldn't do something/wouldn't be interested in something, please respect my decision and my knowledge of my character. I'm not doing it maliciously.

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Emily is, by far, one of the most amazing people I know. From her ability to brainstorm amazing, deep role play ideas to her ability to execute them with intense emotion, this lady will always leave you begging for more. - Dug
EMILY. I also just reunited with Emily and let me tell you, her characters are beyond interesting as well. Aside from that, she's funny and totally approachable. Send RP her way!!!! - Rot

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