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i'm here to have fun and let my imagination take over.
i don't tolerate drama. i don't tolerate bullies.
i don't tolerate toxicity.

groups where i can be found:
The Exciting Eighties

1. i keep my characters anonymous solely because i overlap their stories and it looks better on their profiles if they're not connected back to me. i am in no way secretive about who my characters are, and any group i'm involved in knows who i play.

2. i'm friendly and love talking about my characters. plotting, brainstorming, etc. i love to hear about your characters and your ideas and will always be happy to cheer you on.

3. i have absolutely no trouble cutting toxic people out of my life. i don't tolerate jealous, possessive rp partners or passive aggressive comments. if you're a bully, racist, homophobe, or just an asshole, i've got literally no issue never speaking to you again. #bye

4. i'm open to really anything when it comes to my characters and their lives. wanna be their relative? hmu. wanna just throw shit at a wall and see what sticks? lets do it. wanna crush their hearts and ruin their lives? sounds like a party.

5. i genuinely dislike typical meet-and-greet style rps. i like to have an idea of what to do, something interesting to focus on during the rp. that said, i do genuinely enjoy slice of life rp, though i can be sometimes slower to respond to them.

6. i don't like to pre-determine romantic connections and i genuinely prefer to rp any other relationship OTHER than romantic. friends, family, enemies, etc. gimmie all of the connections. i'd rather have a well rounded character that has depth than focus solely on a romantic connection.

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Can I take a minute to love on Emily? She is one of the sweetest, most creative, non judgmental people I have ever met. A person who is genuinely awesome in every sense of the word. I love her characters, her OOC chat, and her warmth. Also she's hilarious so that is a plus. Her posts are timely, enticing, and full of action. You never do 'all the driving' or get bored with Emily. She's just a peach. <3 - Mina
Growing on me in a way only comparable to the alacrity and fervour of minion memes to a middle-aged mum fresh off a Pixar concept sheet with a flip cover smart phone and a distorted, but glowing, wedding cover photo on Facebook. Emily is intrinsically witty, creative and wonderful. You'll want an extra large glass of wine for roleplay and banter with this one, Sharon. - wilts

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