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how you must despise me, my dear stars.
the moon wrote:
hello everyone, i'm emir! i use they/them pronouns, am bisexual, desi and my timezone is mst. also, i'm an istj, taurus, slytherin, and a child of athena, for anybody who cares! you can find me on tumblr, pinterest, and i am also astra on a nifty little site called hogwarts is here! (i'm not really on hih anymore though.) feel free to ask for my discord if you would like it (:

the moon wrote:
  1. No asterisks. (*) Similarly, do not use dashes or brackets or anything else of the sort when roleplaying with me. Please give me the courtesy of full sentences, and I will do the same. (Note that I do not mean that you absolutely can not use dashes, brackets, or asterisks - just do not use them to describe a character's actions.)
  2. Grammar is important! I'm not as big of a stickler for this stuff as I used to be, but please make sure that your writing is understandable at the very least.
  3. Stick to one tense. I don't mind if you use first, second, or third person as long as you are consistent with it. I do have a slight preference for third, but, again, if you stick with it, please use whatever tense you like!
  4. Please write at least three sentences. I think it's a little hard to drive plot forward if we are just sending one liners back and forth, and the roleplay just does not feel as fun. On average, my responses are 3+ paragraphs long, unless a conversation is going on between our characters.
  5. Planning is (almost) everything. I adore planning to my very core! It's just so fun figuring out what our big oh moments are going to be in the plot, and then watching it play out in our roleplay. I don't want to plan every last detail (although honestly, if you let me roll with it, that might be what happens) but I do like knowing what direction we want the roleplay to head in.
  6. Work with me, please. I do not want to be the only person putting effort into our roleplay, or driving the plot forward. That's no fun, and I'm petty enough to ghost you for it.
  7. Mind my triggers. Before I start a roleplay, I like to take a moment to ask for my partner's triggers, and direct them to a list of my own, so that the roleplay is safe for the both of us. You can find an extensive list of my triggers in 11:11, but because this is a big one, please note that I do not roleplay smut!
  8. Drama stays in the roleplay. If you are looking to start something out of character, please leave, or you will be blocked and/or reported.
  9. I hate the miscommunication trope in books, and I hate it in real life. The amount of arguments that could be avoided if people just talked to one another are endless and it irks me so much. Please talk to me! If you need a break from our roleplay, if you're not into it anymore, or if you do not feel comfortable with something happening in the roleplay - just let me know. I promise that your mental well-being means more to me than the roleplay does.

the moon wrote:
  1. My triggers: Rape, spiders, moths, wrists, suicide (+ attempted suicide), candles, child abuse, and graphic descriptions of gore.
  2. DNI: If you are racist, homophobic, ableist, support pedophilia or incest, believe that fiction does not affect reality, or if you can not consume media critically. Furthermore, I’m not comfortable with people older than 25 interacting with me in DMS - public forums and groups are okay!
  3. Fandoms: I'm not sure yet if I want to roleplay for any fandoms, but I have experience writing in both the Harry Potter (JKR critical) and Riordanverse (RR critical) fandoms, if you're interested in that. My other fandoms include: Radio Silence, The Raven Cycle (MS critical), If We Were Villains, The Seven Husbands of Evelyn Hugo, and All for the Game (NS critical).
  4. Interests: Coding, writing, reading, sewing, fashion, colour theory, astronomy, graphic design and architecture. In no particular order, of course.
the moon wrote:

  • 01.10.21: Currently making character profiles. I'm not accepting any starters, nor looking for any roleplay partners at the moment. I'm reading Conventionally Yours by Annabeth Albert, Restore Me by Tahereh Mafi, Little Women by Louisa May Alcott, Malibu Rising by Taylor Jenkins Reid, One Last Stop by Casey McQuiston, and Red, White & Royal Blue by Casey McQuiston. If you would like to see me talking about these books, I will likely be doing so on my Storygraph.

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