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you got me so twitterpated, love

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8/23/19 . until we meet again

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It's a well-known fact that City is a shy bean, which only makes me all the more grateful that we seemed to click so effortlessly. City is one of those people with all the qualities you want in a friend; she is kind, loyal, formidable and genuine. If she decides to take you under her wing you are absolutely blessed, she will go out of her way to make sure you feel supported. She's someone I'm happy to have in my corner: the shared love of creepy-crawlies and excellent RP are just great bonuses! - fable
The sweetest, cutest, angry little kitty I've ever had the pleasure to meet in mine entire life. I've yet to role play with my momther however City has, ever since I met her, always been one of the most supportive, trustworthy and kind people I've ever met. I wholeheartedly believe anyone who can win over this dragons heart 'n' call her their friend is Blessed. I'd 100% recommend adopting this cat into ur friend collection. 10/10 cutie. - Holly

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  • Enasytic gave Keatan (played anonymously) kudos:
    The time has come for updated kudos! Keatan truly is deep and complex and every line, every word of roleplay is an absolute treat! I crave interaction with this boy almost all the time, I just can't get enough of him, despite how cruel he can be ( or maybe because of it?! ). He's come such a long way and I am so very thankful to have been part of his development and to have been given the chance to interact with him, and I cannot recommend him highly enough!
    (About 2 months 22 hours ago)