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My triggers
Needles, Spiders, Clowns, Decapitation, Intense loneliness, Having insides expelled and Rabid animals
About me!
Hello i'm Xeno. you can call me Cyber or Surf . doesn't matter.

any ways, I'm a man. a very anxious man.

I'm a proud furry. not a loud furry.

PM me to talk! i don't bite!

My friends:


art is a passion of mines

Give me a huggle!

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Rave Reviews

I only knew xenoversesurvivor for a few days and he is laid back and very cool person - Anonymous
Hey yo, Xeno is one of my best buds! He is very kind and a great role player too! I haven’t gotten the chance to role play with this cool cat yet, but it’s inevitable! If you want a kind friend look no further. Kind and understanding Great sense of humor - Rattlesnake

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