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I Auberon take Lemon to be my wife, to have and to RP with in sickness and in health as long as we both shall have internet. I generally like most people, but I LOVE Lemon. Her writing is amazing, just the right amount of gritty and dark while still being balanced by tender moments of humanity. What started as "hey PM me sometime" has become part of my daily routine, and if you happen to get in on this citrus action, consider yourself lucky. She's really a wonderful human bean. - Auberon
Ah Fable, we go way back. You may be most well known for a certain trainwreck, but I remember the old days, the days of GREEN. And the 7 year trade. We don't talk often, mostly she harasses me with zodiac related callouts but I am fortunate to surround myself with super creative people, and she is one of them. Not only an excellent artist (don't fight me on this) but possibly my FAVORITE template creator on this site. If you can catch her for RP, consider yourself blessed. It's very enjoyable! Creative ideas Wonderful writer - skaikrasha

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    I've never kudosed Henry? That sounds fake, but it must be right. I LOVE Henry, my valentine and sister sign. He has been a rock to me in the bad times and a great source of joy in the good times and I could not be more thankful to have him in my life. It helps that he is a wonderful writer with complex, thoughtful characters who he pours his heart into to expertly bring to life. I truly admire his abilities. Henry, you are an absolute star of a human being and I cherish the heck out of you. Great sense of humor Wonderful writer
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    Oh, this is much too overdue for how thankful I am for Mars's place in my life! it's highly likely I would not be where I am today without his kind heart. He is a wonderful artist and friend with many beautiful characters, and I have so much to thank him for that I can only begin to try and express. He is truly a DEER friend. <3 Kind and understanding Helpful
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