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Generally im an all kind of rp person,horror fantasy you name it any genre i can play. And i'm a pretty good person to rp with as long as you are respectful. But yeah i'm open to any kind of rp, Also my characters are up for anything and can go into any time zone. I am highly adaptable when it comes to situations. Also i can do 18+ stuff, followed by any time of genre, whether it be romance, action, drama.I can do both Forum based rps, as well as PM based rps. But generally mind you, I am highly creative when it comes to different scenarios and up for PM and forum based rps. So i'm pretty much an active rper and I absolutely am up for new ideas, as for the character images they are done by me. So basically hooray for the love of Role playing!!

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Fallen is a great RPer. She plays Siltrake perfectly; keep up with how someone like him would act. I have only RPed with her for a few days but she turly shows that she understands her characters fullly and is always making sure they fit in with what is happening. I can't wait to see what else she has up her sleeve. :) - FallenAngel123
It's not everyday that you find an RPer that is as dedicated as Fallen here. She combines different elements of Role playing to create her own fresh style which i find is truly unique. Keep it real Fallen, you are awesome! - DontBeTrippin

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