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The Incorrigable Ferabird:
~ Periodically vomits half-developed character concepts... nevermind the mess.
~ Adores shiny/bright/strange/any colors.
~ Possesses an attention span comparable to that of a goldfish.
~ Will bend over backwards and potentially forward for art.
~ May in fact be a stealer of profile layouts, particularly when confronted with non-Cthulhean squidbeasts that moonlight as leaky spaceships and glowy terrorizing space-wasps that work for sugar.

Roleplay? How Delightful:
~ I'm normally rampaging about Furcadia.
~ When looking to chat, please divert your calls to Ferabird. This is my ooc alt.
~ I'm whisper friendly, but often distracted by shiny things. Please don't imagine that I'm ignoring you on purpose!
~ I love nothing more than a good storyline and compelling interaction that creates character development.
~ ICA = ICC. In character actions yield in character consequences.
~ IC = / = OOC. Don't mix them!
~ If you're in an adult area, I expect you to be and act like an adult.

Unpaged Alts:
I have a lot of them, so I'll do my best to keep a list of those yet to be added. They may be added to or subtracted from at any given time!
~ Akamari
~ Anansi
~ Atma-Jnana (and her fragments)
~ Bleak
~ Brambleweed
~ Chandraki
~ Chikabeau
~ Fu Gou
~ Jackeline
~ Javrous
~ Jilliwanks
~ Kaskah
~ Kirsche
~ Manakuke
~ Shah'raz
~ Shedra
~ Skrit
~ Warble
~ Zaide'yrr

Rave Reviews

Lovely player with amazing characters. PARTY ANIMAL EXTRAORDINAIRE! - isolationary
Ferabird is a more than capable storyteller and has a knack for character design. More, she has a certain artistry when weaving, whether it's stitching together a plot or a dream. - Fenrir

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