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The Incorrigable Ferabird:
~ Periodically vomits half-developed character concepts... nevermind the mess.
~ Adores shiny/bright/strange/any colors.
~ Possesses an attention span comparable to that of a goldfish.
~ Will bend over backwards and potentially forward for art.
~ May in fact be a stealer of profile layouts, particularly when confronted with non-Cthulhean squidbeasts that moonlight as leaky spaceships and glowy terrorizing space-wasps that work for sugar.

Roleplay? How Delightful:
~ I'm normally rampaging about Furcadia.
~ When looking to chat, please divert your calls to Ferabird. This is my ooc alt.
~ I'm whisper friendly, but often distracted by shiny things. Please don't imagine that I'm ignoring you on purpose!
~ I love nothing more than a good storyline and compelling interaction that creates character development.
~ ICA = ICC. In character actions yield in character consequences.
~ IC = / = OOC. Don't mix them!
~ If you're in an adult area, I expect you to be and act like an adult.

Unpaged Alts:
I have a lot of them, so I'll do my best to keep a list of those yet to be added. They may be added to or subtracted from at any given time!
~ Akamari
~ Anansi
~ Atma-Jnana (and her fragments)
~ Bleak
~ Brambleweed
~ Chandraki
~ Chikabeau
~ Fu Gou
~ Jackeline
~ Javrous
~ Jilliwanks
~ Kaskah
~ Kirsche
~ Manakuke
~ Shah'raz
~ Shedra
~ Skrit
~ Warble
~ Zaide'yrr

Rave Reviews

Shelob (played by ferabird)
I'm not often kindly disposed toward arachnids--hey, don't judge me, man--but Shelob is certainly an exception to the rule. As a character, she is darkly seductive and intimately threatening in a manner which never fails to give rise to interesting dynamics during play. Truly beautiful, truly terrifying, and piloted by a wildly talented writer. She may bite, but you ought to give her a ring regardless. Creative ideas Wonderful writer - Hooke
Kichirin (played by ferabird)
Kichirin has a gorgeous design and by what I read on her profile, also a gorgeous personality. She seems calm and gentle and all together lovely. :) - Sanne

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  • skaikrasha gave ferabird kudos:
    Fera's a peach. We don't talk as often as we used to, but I've known her for about as long as I've been roleplaying and always been delighted by her character concepts, even her extra ones (lookin' at you chakras, lmao.) On a personal level, Fera is... well, personABLE. She's probably one of the funniest people to talk to, with a story for every occasion and extremely entertaining in RP. Great sense of humor Wonderful writer
    (About 2 months 3 days ago)