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Hi! I'm a veteran D&D'er, but a new Forum RPer, that's excited to try out a bunch of new things. I'm also a guy with a folder of characters that are so far unused, so if you'd prefer another character for me to play (sorry, no copyrighted characters. I like designing new ones. No crossplay either), feel free to ask.

At this point I'm fine with both PM RPs as well as group RPs. I'm also willing to do anything in an RP, so long as it makes sense for it to happen. If you try something that my characters are not okay with, they will most likely shut you down or, in a worst case scenario, turn hostile.

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Alastor Kain (played by frostwyrmm)
Very much the loveable but dangerous rogue, Alastor is a pleasure to have in a game. Characters that lie a lot are difficult to play, and this is an example of one done perfectly. If you need a sneak or a smooth talker, this is the one. Wonderful writer Drives the plot forward - Avitrathephoenix

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