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━✄ ・゚    ⁣ ⁣      ⁣ ⁣      ⁣  ⁣ ‧ʿ′
⁣    ⁣ 𝔟𝔲𝔤', ⋆ ⁣  ˢʰᵉ / ᵗʰᵉʸ

hermit ˛ˏ˖ ˌrat harlequin mother
⁣   amxious
⁣  ⁣  ⁣  ⁣  ⁣  ⁣  ⁣  ⁣  ⁣   🗡


1. Mun,⁣   first and foremost, i'm a friendly gal!! please talk to me about crossovers, or AUs, or plot ideas that don't follow canon (that applies). i love playing around with anything we can brainstorm. i'll obviously try to stay close to the verse my characters are from, but everything else is free game imo.
2. Rusty,⁣   i've been away from rp sites for a few years now - i'm mostly rping on discord these days - so i'm sorry if i'm a little sloppy, or my etiquette is rusty. correct me if i'm ever doing something wrong or uncomfortable.
3. Style,⁣   i'm a casual writer, but that doesn't mean you have to be! my "casual" is between 1 and 4 paragraphs. i can, and probably will, write more novella-style sometimes, but i get a little overwhelmed when it's Constant. quality does not equate to quantity in my books, so lets just have fun and enjoy each other. :-> i do my best to give my partner content to play with in my replies regardless of size, but i do keep in mind the effort my partner puts in too, so to ensure nothing feels one-sided.
4. Time,⁣   somewhat relating to #3, i sometimes get overwhelmed and/or lose muse for no good reason. i'll try to give updates, if it does occur, so it doesn't seem like i'm leaving you hanging, but i apologize in advance for my potential sluggishness.
5. Tolerance,⁣   this one's a given, but sometimes it's still needed. no ooc drama, or hate, or trolling, or forcefulness, will be tolerated here.
6. NSFW,⁣   i myself am obviously 21+, so i do partake and enjoy some nsfw writing. nsfw, for me, includes sex, gore, violence, horror, and disturbing themes, all of which can be discussed comfortably and clearly beforehand if there's interest. that being said, i cannot and will not write with minors [anyone under the age of 18]. sorry, kiddies. smut is okay with me, but only under certain circumstances and if it's not the main focus/goal.
7. Roleplay,⁣   i don't cooperate well with constant god-modding or metagaming. sometimes it helps and is needed, but please do not try to control my muse's actions in any regard without my permission.

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a peach, a plum, a pear. such a delicious friend! garden is so kind and peppy and sweet and my goodness are her characters so PRECIOUS, like little golden fruits, so rare and lovely that all one can do is stare. she lives up to her name; i imagine a lovely little green place full of big fat flowers and fairies (some of whom bite). someone i am so very glad to call my friend. Great sense of humor Creative ideas - fig

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    easily one of the sweetest creatives i've ever had the pleasure of befriending and writing with!! maybe i am biased because i really enjoy rodent shaped fig creatures of the woodland baths, but fig is an absolute treat to not only chat with (because she is very empathetic and a lovely listener) but to roleplay with, of course. the scenes and settings she can paint with yummy vocab and whimsical oddity descriptions is my bread and butter!! i could read and gush for hours Kind and understanding Wonderful writer
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