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Current personal status:
poor mental health has me in and out of creativity, but trying to enjoy what i can.

Estimated RP reply time:
a couple times a week - slow.

I'm a ball of anxiety that relieves itself with art! Support a bag of bones, if you'd like, or we can share art together if you do it too, oolala.
instagram // ko-fi

Literate, para to multi-para is usually how I format things.
NSFW themes are loved here; for ages 18+ only.
Am friendly and open to most verses/genres - come say hi!

Just so you know...
↬ Any and all romantic/NSFW stories are strictly IRP and IC. None of it comes from a personal standpoint, besides the enjoyment of writing and sharing a story!
↬ Do not Godmod or Metagame with me. Don't try to control my character or assume what they would do within your writing. Leave that up to me, please!
↬ I never intend to ignore anyone! I'm a college student and like to take mental health days. I usually like to let RP partners know what I'm doing in case my activity changes. But in case you don't hear from me, you can assume I'm just working or taking time to myself.
In the chance that I do not respond to a PM, I either did not see it/get a notification or I felt uncomfortable. I'm sorry in advance!
↬ I take a long time to reply sometimes. I'm a slow reader, usually having to read things a few times over just to understand and process what I'm reading. Then I type out a reply and look it over to make sure it's as perfect as I can get it. Sometimes this process is quicker than other times! Just please be patient with me, I try to make it worth the wait.
↬ As stated above, I am literate and try to do para to multi-para format when I write. I also try to format-match my RP partner, so it doesn't feel unbalanced between who's writing more and who's not. But sometimes the situation and whatever's happening in the RP doesn't require to match the previous reply! While I try to match, there will be times I come back short, or come back with a fatass reply! I hope you don't mind.

Thank you for taking the time to read!

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