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Greetings~ it appears you have somehow stumbled upon my profile, and I welcome you with open arms.
While I am fairly new to this site, I most definitely am not new to rp! My favorite genre to rp is fantasy, followed by sci-fi. However, I am open to rping mostly anything. I prefer to rp males, though I might have the occasional female or someone of a gender in between.
When rping with someone, I never expect them to post full paragraphs or have perfect English and grammar and such, as long as its readable and I have something to actually work off of. I don't have the attention span to control the whole rp the entire time.

As for information about myself that isn't about rp, there isn't a whole lot to say, my life isn't incredibly interesting. I am currently in 8th grade, so if I'm ever in class it may take me some time to reply.
Regarding my taste in music, I enjoy lots of different bands/artists, such as Fox Academy, Panic! at the Disco, Passion Pit, MGMT, Richie Woods, Atlas, and much, much, more!
Despite the joy I find in rping and writing, it is rare that I find myself indulging in an entire novel and actually reading the entire thing. I have a rather short attention span that doesn't allow me to do the same thing over a long period of time (unless its something very enjoyable!), and if I cant finish something within two days, I sort of give up.
There is, however, some books I have found likable and worth spending my time on! Some are All you gave me is history by Adam Silvera, The Program by Suzanne Young, Eleanor and Park by Rainbow Rowell, and others I can't think of off the top of my head
Due to similar reasons, I can never sit still during movies. When I was younger, my most favorite movie ever was Spirit, and I watched it practically every day. Now, however, I must say that my favorite movie is definitely Little Miss Sunshine!

Is there much more I might mention? Probably not. If for whatever reason you may have any questions for me, feel free to ask, so long as they're not too personal ^^'

Have a good day, lovelies

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Always keeps a roleplay interesting and has still yet to give a confusing reply. One of my favorite people to roleplay. He also has well developed characters with amazing personalities. - SmewQueen

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