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It begins with a siren: a saturnine thorn of a man with a soft center and melodious, sombre soft voice happening upon a stray kitten. Since then I've had the good fortune of encountering more & more of ollie's characters: a vast sprawling celebration of humanity in all our nuances, in all our fallacies and irony and unbridled starstruck wonder. Ollie is an absolute delight: the embodiment of '>:^)' a funny & technicolour soul in which I've found--not only a kindred writer-- but a good friend!! - wilts
It isn't often that you meet someone with the unadulterated kindness and honesty that Oliver shows to everyone around him, regardless of who they are and that's something that I really, really cherish about him. There's a certain amount of integrity in the way that he carries himself that's just eye catching for me, not to mention the authentic, humble way he goes about developing his characters and always keeping a penchant for developing his writing skills. (c) - Rot

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