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he/him virgo enfp 19
previously: ollie, psoliver

paranormal enthusiast, sad boy
hoarder, witch fiend.

db5tugi-dc7cad0e-216e-4be0-a2e2-6df929902aba.png /// imageedit-8-6738940527.png
still checking PMs and occasionally lurking on the forums, but not really making any new character profiles or starting any new projects. always open for roleplaying though, hmu if you're interested <3

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There's nobody I'd rather collaborate with when it comes to the strange and spooky! Oliver is an extraordinary writer and a fantastic pal I could chat to until the world ended. Thank you ever so much for your kindness, patience, and sadboys 🤘🏻 Creative ideas Long-term partner - Yersinia
akjahsjdhjkasdkh O L I V E R. OKay I love you boo, let's start that out. But. His. Characters??? Omg, they're some of the best I've ever had the pleasure of RPing with. He's such a sweet boi. Give him hugs. He needs them. RP with him. You'll be missing out if you do. - Kamui

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