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hey! im howl(ey)/chimera n i use he/they/nya | 6+ years rp experience!
my carrd had loads of other fun stuff abt me on it :D

i like 2 rp things im interested in, mostly fnaf (+blueycapsules), dorohedoro, splatoon, jjba, and some others, feel free 2 ask me! ill do stuff that isnt interest-related too, like generalized fantasy or whatever. i have a few ocs that are tied into these interests, and like one or two ocs that arent really tied to anything, so uh. yeah!

yes, all of my icons are louis wain cats.

id also like to note that i do not have a ton of time for a lot of things right now, so if i dont reply right away PLEASE do not be upset with me! school among other things kinda come before roleplay for me lol. that being said, im typically busy on the weekends! if u send me a reply friday evening, or on a weekend day, please dont expect a reply until monday morning ^w^

also uh 😰 ive apparently had this account for three years and never did anything with it HJBDVJH LIKE I JUST FOUND THIS SITE AGAIN I DIDNT EVEN REMEMBER HAVING AN ACCOUNT scary as hell!!!

now look at this:

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